Aryan Khan’s brand Jacket of ₹99,000 Out Of Stock In 24 Hours after Launch

Aryan Khan’s tees are sold at Rs. 99,000 from his clothing brand Dyavol’X. The tees are in the headlines as it is getting sold at a much higher price than anyone can expect. Apart from that, several celebrities wore these tees and the newly launched collection, which is already going out of stock. It’s only the second collection drop of the company and it’s already performing highly well. Let us explore Aryan Khan’s new collection drop below.

Aryan Khan's brand Jacket of ₹99,000 Out Of Stock In 24 Hours after Launch

Aryan Khan’s New Collection Drop Sold Out Before 24 Hours Of Its Launch

Aryan Khan’s second collection drop is getting sold out before 24 hours of its launch. It’s the second collection drop from Dyavol’X. The company launched the collection in collaboration with Disney. It has a dark-themed streetwear collection, including Nocturnal and Ducktaped. Its selling price was Rs. 15,000. Several celebrities wear the Dyavol’X clothes. Shahrukh Khan was wearing Killing Smokes. It has a price value of Rs. 15,000. Suhana Khan was also wearing one of its collections.

The brand is not seeing this high demand for the first time. Dyavol.x launched on 30 April 2023. Shahrukh Khan endorsed the brand with his face value. The company released x Jacket. It gets all the sales within a few hours of its launch. These x Jackets had a price of Rs. 2 lakhs with Sharukh Kan’s signature. It was out of stock in no time. There were only 30 pieces available. Thus, the company made a good revenue with its sale.

Apart from that, Shahrukh Khan looked stunning in the Dyavol. x’s X Jacket. As we all know, Aryan Khan is the son of Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan. The father-son duo is taking the brand to the next level. He is the eldest son of Shahrukh Khan. Dyavol.x has around 184k followers on Instagram. You can follow the brand on Instagram for more updates. Dyavol. x is available on Instagram with the username @gyavol.x. It deals in both men’s and women’s clothing.

The brand has a special sign of X on its clothes. It makes it look even cool. Shahrukh Khan wears most of its new brand collection drops. He supports his son completely. The X jacket’s selling price was Rs. 99,000 on 17 March 2024. It’s not even 24 hours to the release. Yet the brand is doing extremely well. The fans have mixed reactions to the recent photoshoot of Suhana Khan with her father Shahrukh Khan. Many fans complain that the clothing price is extremely expensive. Thus, he responds by saying that he will do something about it.

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