PM Modi May Visit The Startup Mahakumbh Event at Bharat Mandapam

PM Modi might attend The Startup Mahakumbh, promoting startup culture in India. Narendra Modi announced Startup India a few years ago. It assisted several startups in the country. After 2017, many startups set up their foundation under the movement. Many of them become a big giant as well. The Startup Mahakumbh is another initiative from the government. Let us dive into more benefits of The Startup Mahakumbh below. The initiative has brought a chance to take up new startups on the highs.

PM Modi May Visit The Startup Mahakumbh Event at Bharat Mandapam

PM Modi May Visit The Startup Mahakumbh Event To Promote Startups In India

Startup Mahakumbh is a three-day event that will start on Monday and continue for three days. The event will take place to promote the startup culture even more. The previous startup wave brought a lot of development to the country. It took the country as the 5th largest economy in the world.  Everyone is curious to know more about The Startup Mahakumbh Event. There are chances that PM Modi might visit the event. However, we all know that the elections are near. He might not get enough time.

Secretary of the Department For Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Rajesh Kumar Singh, states that they are trying their best to bring PM Modi to the event. The Startup Mahakumbh will be the largest event till now. There has been no such event in the past. There will be everything you wonder a startup event can have. It will have startup founders of all levels. Let us discuss below about the number of businesses visiting the event. The Startup Mahakumbh will have the following number of visits:

Startups: 2,000
Thematic Pavilions: 10
Investors: 1,000
Incubators and Accelerators: 300
Conference Delegates: 3,000
Country Delegations: 20
Future Entrepreneurs: 3,000
Unicorns: 50
Business Vistors: 50,000

Assocham, Nasscom, bootstrap Incubation and Advisory Foundation, TiE, and Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association (IVCA) are collaborating. The startup culture has been showing its impact every day. Thousands of startups increased many folds over time. There are different funding options available at the time. These were not available earlier. DPIIT, MeitY Startup Hub (MSH), and Invest India are among the other supporters of the event. The startup Mahakumbh will be the largest event of its time. Everyone is excited for the event. The unicorns will share their learnings and startup guidance in the event. The Startup Mahakumbh will pave the way to the economy’s growth. It will also facilitate new job opportunities in the country.

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