Baazar Style Retail IPO Date, Price, OFS, DRHP Details, and Review

Baazar Style Retail IPO may launch soon. The company filed DRHP papers recently. It deals in fashion and trendy clothing, along with accessories. We will have a look at the IPO details of the company below. Baazar Style Retail provides its services and stores in West Bengal and Odisha. Starting from Kolkata, West Bengal, the company reaches the stage of filling an IPO successfully. If everything goes well, the company will successfully open its IPO in the next few months.

Baazar Style Retail IPO

Baazar Style Retail IPO Details

Baazar Style Retail IPO may be released soon. The company will provide the face value of Rs. 5 per equity shares. There will be both fresh equity shares and offer for sale. While Baazar Style Retail is providing Rs. 185 Crore worth of fresh shares. There will be several shares available as offers for sale.

The company will have different investors and promoters diluting some parts of shares for the IPO. The shares will have the following distribution:

Proportion Of Offer For Sale By The Owners:

  1. Rekha Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: 22 Lakh Shares
  2. Intensive Softshare Private Limited: 22 Lakh Shares
  3. Intensive Finance Private Limited: 15 Lakh Shares
  4. Chandurkar Investments Private Limited: 13 Lakhs Share
  5. Subroto Trading & Finance Company Limited: 9.2 Lakh Shares
  6. Rajnish Gupta: 8.4 Lakh Shares
  7. Madhu Surana: 6.6 Lakh Shares
  8. Sabita Agarwal: 6.4 Lakh Shares
  9. Rekha Kedia: 6 Lakh Shares
  10. Shakuntala Devi: 6 lakh Shares
  11. DK Surana HUF: 5.4 Lakh Shares

Baazar Style Retail is backed by Rekha Jhunjhunwala. She is also the businesswoman and wife of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. She plays a crucial role in the company. Her stock market abilities are on another level. Everyone eagerly awaits her insights on the stock market. Apart from that, she has an impressive and inspiring stock portfolio. She maintains it quite well. The company learned about the stock market from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, her husband. He was also known as India’s Warren Buffett.

Shreyans Surana, Bhagwan Prasad, Rajendra Gupta, Rohit Kedia, and Pradeep Agarwal are the founders of Baazar Style Retail. The company provides a variety of fashion and styling accessories and clothing lines in its stores. The company took over the business from West Bengal. Thus, they are the most prominent in the state and around. The IPO details are yet to be released. The company files DRHP Papers, which are yet to get approval. Thus, the investors need to wait for the official announcement. The speculators expect Baazar Style Retail’s IPO date to be around May 2024 or closer.

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