Who Is Paul Potts? Net Worth, Car Collection, Career, Success Story

Paul Potts is a prominent personality. He is known for winning the Britain’s Got Talent first series. It means that he was the first winner of Britain’s Got Talent. We would like to share details about this talented man and his journey to success and recognition. Recently, Paul appeared in an interview, where he shared his feelings for completing 17 years for the Britain’s Got Talent audition and win. Let us explore more about Paul Potts’s journey below.

Paul Potts

Paul Potts was the winner of Britain’s Got Talent season 1. He was born on 13 October 1970 and is currently 53 years old. He spent his childhood in Bristol, England. Paul completed his schooling at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School. He started working in 2007 and has continued his journey till now. He left his school in 1987. Later, he completed his graduation in Bachelor of Arts, Humanities from University College Plymouth St Mark & ST john. Potts was passionate about working since his childhood. After completing his education, Paul gets to work at several jobs and positions.

Paul Potts is said to be one of the best in his field. He is grateful for his amazing voice every time. Paul says in his recent interviews that his audition journey was more of a coincidence. He decided to go to an audition based on the head or tail of a coin. Paul said that if there was a head, he would go for the audition, if there was a tail, he would not go for it. He thanks that there was heads-ups on his coin after the toss.

Paul Potts gave his audition for Britain’s Got Talent on 17 March 2007. It’s 17 years to his audition. The interviewer asks him about the feeling of spending 17 years successfully after his first audition. He mentions that he felt old. It’s been a lot of years till now.

Paul Potts has a net worth of approx $10 million. He earns majorly from his singing journey. Paul Potts tied the knot with Julie-Ann in 2001. If we talk about his properties, Paul recently had a 60,000-pound house. His earlier house was at Port Talbot, Wales. Later, he bought a mansion worth 450,000 pounds. There are no details about Paul Potts’s current car yet. He had his car hit in a 2020 accident. Paul Potts is an inspiration for many. As he was hopeless at the beginning of his career. He asks a question who is giving him a chance to perform for his bad voice? However, Britain Got Talent was a platform for him.

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