Azhar Iqubal Net Worth, Millionaire Inshorts CEO Biography, Age, Success Story

Inshorts co-founder Azhar Iqubal is attaining huge popularity on the internet after the announcement of his entry in Shark Tank India Season 3. We going to unveil Azhar Iqubal net worth, biography, wealth and success story. He going to be one of the sharks of this business reality show where entrepreneurs raise funding for their growing startups. Azhar is an IIT dropout richest entrepreneur in India who built a successful business with his passion. Now he going to invest in the budding startups with other sharks in the show. Let’s discuss everything here about his life and success story.

Azhar Iqubal Net Worth, Wealth, Assets

Azhar Iqubal Biography, Age, Career of Inshorts CEO

Azhar Iqubal is a young entrepreneur in India. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Inshorts. Azhar studied at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He is 31 years old and running a successful business with his co-founder. Azhar lives in Delhi with his family. He is popular among youth because he is an IIT dropout and built a huge business with his skills and knowledge. Definitely, Azhar is an inspiring personality for every budding entrepreneur and we should learn from his success story.

Now we all going to see him as a Shark in the Shark Tank India Season 3. This will be a great opportunity for the participating entrepreneurs to impress Azhar Iqubal with their business ideas and raise funding for their startup. He made massive wealth and assets in the past years, so till now he invested in some growing startups as well.

Azhar Iqubal Net Worth, Wealth & Success Story

He created huge wealth and assets because of his entrepreneurial journey. Azhar Iqubal Net Worth is ₹500 Crore ($67 million). He has multiple investments now. Azhar is also an angel investor and invested in startups as well. He always supports budding entrepreneurs and guides them to conquer challenges. He also comes under the youngest entrepreneurs in India list which is another interesting fact about him.

Azhar initially planned to continue in the field of engineering but after getting admission to the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, he dropped out of the college. This was the turning point of Azhar Iqubal’s life. He started his own startup Inshorts with his co-founder in the year 2013. After a few years, this startup gained popularity and success. Now we all know him as the youngest successful entrepreneur in India. if you want to read about other entrepreneurs, you can explore our website.

Awards & Achievements

Azhar Iqubal was awarded the youngest entrepreneur award. Apart from that, he has his name in Forbes. He also has a Leaders Award for his exceptional leadership skills. Azhar has achieved a lot of success at a young age. He was just 30 years old when he started. His other 2 friends and co-founders are Deepit Purkayastha and Annunay Arunav.

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