Zerodha CEO Nitin Kamath Viral Prank Video, Know What Happened?

Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath posts an old prank video on his Instagram account going viral all over the internet. The video is ten years old. The CEO runs a prank on his employees with a fake police raid in his Bengaluru office. The video got everyone’s attention and people enjoyed the prank commenting on different opinions. Many appreciate him for his strategy of checking employee’s performance under pressure. Zerodha CEO Nitin Kamath viral prank video In headlines.

Zerodha CEO Nitin Kamath Viral Prank Video In Headlines

Zerodha CEO Nitin Kamath viral prank to fake out on his employee. He chooses the Bengaluru office to do so. During the working hours, he sent a fake police to the office. They act like the policeman with the dress and fake ID cards. They prepare a fake notice for the raid and enter the office. Nithin enters in last. Before the prank, everyone prepared well to act like police. They installed cameras and set the appropriate angle. The footage shows everything clearly.

The police interact with two guys handling the situation at the time. One was wearing a blue shirt, Mr Hanan, and the other in a red shirt, Mr. Venu. The guy in the blue shirt speaks a f*ck word to the fake policeman. The fake police target this blue-shirt guy getting angry at them. The guy in a red shirt tries to handle the situation calmly. He was managing all well. Later, the fake police asked them all to enter a room. They locked them all in the room. Many employees were on the customer call. The fake police took their phones. Everyone was taken up from their work.

They started entering the room. The guy in a red shirt asks everyone to follow up as a team. After some more discussion, they all enter the room. It was 27 January 2014, a working day for the stock market. After some time, Nithin came inside the room with a party popper and spray. He smiles and says it is a prank.

One Instagram user comments, “Brilliant but horrible prank! I would have cried tons”. The other user comments, “This never gets old love this.” The other user mentions “Very funny”. Nithin posted the video one day ago with the caption, ”This prank we ran 10 years ago.” The video is spreading like a fire over the internet. We hope you get enough information about the Nithin Kamath viral video.

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