Who Is Badr Al Meer? Salary, Net Worth, Qatar Airways CEO Biography And Career

Badr Al Meer is the CEO of Qatar Airways group after the previous ex-CEO Akbar AI Baker. The company has been providing airline services and air transportation for several years. CEO Badr Al Meer was an engineer. We will share details about Badr Al Meer’s new CEO positions and Al Baker’s journey of building Qatar in this article. Akbar Al Baker has worked in the company for the last 30 years. He put in the effort since the beginning of the company and made it a high-performing company.

Badr Al Meer Salary, Net Worth, Qatar Airways CEO Biography And Career

Badr Al Meer Salary, Net Worth, Qatar Airways CEO Biography

Qatar Airways has recently hired Al Meer to handle the responsibilities of the CEO of the company. He is educated in Lebanon and the US and graduated in engineering from the American University of Beirut and the University of Colorado. His salary is around $10 Million annually (approx).  He started working on 5 November 2023. The announcement was made on 23 October 2023. Ex-CEO Al Baker has taken rest from CEO role but the reason has not been defined yet. Al Meer was an engineer. He also worked as COO of Hamd International for ten years. He performed several big responsibilities in the company. This made him even more trustable to handle the CEO position of Qatar Airways. Let us have a look at AL Meer’s Qatar Airways journey.

Badr Al Meer Wikipedia:

Name: Badr Al Meer
Age: 38 (approx)
Profession: Qatar Airways CEO
Known as: CEO of Qatar Airways
Salary: $10 million
Nationality: Qataris
Education: Graduated in Engineering

Career And Journey Of Al Meer To Build Qatar Airways

Al Meer built Qatar Airways from scratch. The company has 241 aircraft operating at the current time. Qatar Airways has 43,000 employees all over the world and brings happiness to their families. The company started in 1993. The company started serving after six months of its establishment. In the first year of the company, it successfully employed 75+ employees. The company focuses on giving the best airline services to the customers. Many vloggers and YouTubers also share their reviews about the airlines. There are several positive reviews of the airlines from all over the world.

Why Al Baker Has Left The Role Of CEO Of Qatar Airways?

There are no reasons shared for AL Baker to leave the role of CEO of the company. If we talk about AL Meer, did his studies at the University of Beirut and the University of Colorado. Al Akbar spent his childhood in India. He was born and brought up in Bombay, India, and is currently 61 years approx. He completed his education at Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics. Al Akbar also played a huge role in the tourism industry of Qatar being the chairman of Qatar Tourism. He lived most of his life in Qatar for his business and work. He owns Qatari nationality. Stay tuned for more information.

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