Sofia Gabriel Wiki Binomo Founder Net Worth Age LinkedIn Know Everything

Binomo is a trading platform that is absolutely legal in India. It is one of the trustworthy platforms where you can trade and invest. But this time we want to discuss its founder and Managing director Sofia Gabriel. Here you will find out Sofia Gabriel Wiki Net Worth Age Husband. In the past few months, Binomo has reached a good number of active traders on the platform. So let’s begin with us and get all the details with all the points. Stay tuned for the information.

Who is Sofia Gabriel? Binomo Founder Wiki Net Worth Age LinkedIn

Sofia Gabriel Wiki Binomo Founder Age

Sofia Gabriel is the founder and Managing Director of Sofia Gabriel. She lives in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. Her age is yet to be disclosed officially. But she is around 36 years old. The talented and extremely experienced Sofia is the primary pillar behind the success of Binomo trading platform. Over a period of time, she made this app famous around the world and raised a huge number of active traders on the platform.

Social Media, LinkedIn Account

If you want to connect with Binomo founder then you can visit its director’s LinkedIn profile. Sofia Gabriel is the director and founder of this brilliant platform and you can visit her LinkedIn profile to contact her.

Sofia Gabriel Net Worth, Income

There are many people who want to know about her net worth. So, in this regard we have several pieces of info is here. On the basis of the details, Sofia Gabriel net worth is around $15 or above. The exact figure is yet to be disclosed. Most probably she is earning very well. Binomo is an online trading platform. It is 100% legit and trustworthy. If you want to use this platform then you can easily earn your side income through this platform. There is no registration fee and delay in payment.

The platform is founded by MD Sofia Gabriel in the year 2014. As per the available information, the available Binomo is not illegal and absolutely legal in India. If you are looking to trade in Binomo then you can try this platform to enhance your side earnings. It can absolutely help you to find a good way to increase your earnings through trading in different assets.

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