Mohit Burman Dabur Chairman In Mahadev App Case? Know Everything Here

Mohit Burman Dabur Chairman In Mahadev App case FIR. The news went viral on the Internet and he is in the headlines for a case running on him along with Gaurav Burman, Director of the Dabur group. Mohit Burman is alleged to be involved in the Mahadev Betting App Case. The FIR states that Mohit Burman was involved in the Rs 15 crore fraud. Mohit is handling a prestigious position in the dabur company known for creating healthy products like honey and chawanprash. The case is raising more questions about him. Let us have a look at the whole incident in detail below.

Dabur Chairman Mahadev App

Who Is Mohit Burman? Dabur Chairman In Mahadev App Case FIR

Mohit Burman is the chairman of Dabur Groups and Aviva Life Insurance. He is a co-owner of Punjab Kings. Mohit is also the Director and co-owner of the Caribbean Premier League Team. He has made several achievements throughout his life and is known for building multi-millionaire businesses. He is in the headlines for the Mahadev Betting app case on him. The case has 32 people under FIR. His name is on the 16th number on the list. There are 31 known people in the fraud and one unknown person. Gaurav Burman director of Dabur Group is also a part of the case.

Dabur Chairman Mahadev App Case

A social activist filed an FIR against Moit Burman for involvement in the Mahadev Betting App case. The activist is named Prakash Bankar. The Khiladi app is coming forward for this fraud case. Three big names involved in the case are Mohit Burman, Gaurav Burman, and Sahil Khan. Another betting app involved in the case is Mahadev’s online betting app. Sahil has the most involvement in it. Sahil is also among the 32 people in the FIR. His name is on the 26th number. He was in the video of that online betting app’s party. He later mentions that it was just a promotional video. The case is said to have a fraud of Rs. 15,000 crore. The app’s operators are running the app from outside India.

They have thousands of such platforms for running the fraud. A recent report shows that cash is boxed and sent to Chattisgarh by the party. It was found at Hotel Triton and Bhilai’s hotel. The cash was received from the UAE. The investigation with Asim Das gave information that Rs. 508 crores were sent to Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel. Mahadev App Promoters sent the money to CM. There was also a connection of Assembly Elections behind them sending the cash here. Stay tuned for more information.

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