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Finding the right stocks with good fundamentals is pretty tricky. But here these Best Penny Share September 2022 is going to help you out through the several good fundamental shares in the Indian Stock Market. If you are trading and investing in NSE & BSE, you can consider these shares. Recently, there were different sectors that rose with impressive market capitalisation. You will also get some expected targets for these shares. After doing some research we found some Indian companies that are doing well and the share price is also good for the long term.

Best Penny Share NSE BSE

Best Penny Share September 2022

Rattanindia Enterprises, Inventure Growth & Securities, and PC Jeweller is our choice as the best share under Rupees 100 for the month of September 2022. You can also consider these shares for the month of October 2022.

Rattanindia Enterprises Ltd. Share Price

Rattanindia Enterprises is a growing entity and expanding itself in various sectors like power, technology, etc. Currently, Rattanindia is involved in producing drones. It is the leading company in India that makes technology-filled Drones. There is a huge possibility that the company going to do extremely well in the upcoming quarters. The demand for drones is likely to be increased soon. Right now the share is available between Rs 50 to Rs 55. Recently, Rattanindia Enterprises Share made high this quarter at Rs 57. It is available as RTNINDIA in NSE. Rattanindia also has stakes in Revolt.

Market Cap: Rs 298.20 Cr
P/E: 39.8
No. of Shares: 84 Cr
Profit: 77.67%

Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd. Share

Inventure Growth & Securities is the leading company in the sector of stock broking in India. In the past few years, the financial results of the company were impressive. Probably the good results in previous quarters are the reason behind the current bullish face in the share. The 52-week high was Rs 6.75 but on the other side, Investure Share maintained its price at Rs 2.35. Now it is trying to maintain its price above Rs 3.50 which going to be a great support level in the upcoming days.

Market Cap: Rs 298.20 Cr
P/E: 39.8
No. of Shares: 84 Cr
Profit: 77.67%

PC Jeweller Ltd. Share

The well-known market leader in the Diamond & Jewellery sector PC Jeweller Ltd going very well. After the massive crash in the price, PC Jeweller share is trying to achieve its level back. In the past two months, the share has surged higher by more than Rs 20 from the price. Many investors are predicting that it will go higher to hit above Rs 100. Currently, it is under a bullish face and also maintaining its RSI quite well.

Market Cap: Rs 3,311.35 Cr
P/E: 0
No. of Shares: 46.54 Cr
Profit: -22.50%

These were the stocks that you can consider in your portfolio for the upcoming few weeks or months. If you analyze and see the chart pattern of these stocks then you will find out a bullish face in the price. However, the Q2 results are yet to come and hopefully, the Q2 results may help these shares to break out from the resistance levels of these stocks.

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