Bharat Bandh 2024 Guidelines, Timing, Date, Know Reason Behind it

Bharat Bandh 2024 guidelines are released that need to be followed by every individual. The no-supply and purchase of vegetables, grains, and other crops will follow Friday. Farmers’ strikes from Punjab and Haryana have been going on for a long time. While the central government fails to fulfill the demands of the farmers, the Bharat Bandh will take place on 16 February 2024. We will share details about the Bharat Bandh 2024 Guidelines below.

Bharat Bandh 2024

Bharat Bandh 2024 Timing, Guidelines, Reason: All You Need to Know

Bharat Bandh will take place on 16 February 2024. The protest is taking place due to the unfulfillment of the farmer’s demands by the central government. Kisan Mazdoor Morcha and Samyukat Kisna decided on the Bharat Bandh tomorrow. After the central government did not fulfill the demand of the farmers to make a law guaranteeing a Minimum Support Price or MSP on crop production, they went to Delhi Chalo March on 13 February 2024. All the farmers from Haryana are moving to Delhi to protest against the central government for fulfilling their demands.

Bharat Bandh will follow some guidelines as well as the Delhi Police. The Punjab and Haryana Police will be sealing the borders to fight against the protest. More than five people won’t be allowed to gather tomorrow under section 144.

Bharat Bandh 2024 will take place on 16 February 2024 from 6 am to 4 PM. The roads will be blocked by the farmers to stop any passage of the vehicles from the highways. No vehicle will be allowed on the highways for four hours. It is a serious issue for not only the farmers of North India but also others associated with them.

During the previous protest, many people stood in support of the farmers where thousands of people lost their loved ones. Farmers have requested support from other people as well. All the vegetable suppliers and roadway operators will be in their support. No vegetables, grains, or crops will be supplied for purchase during the Bharat Bandh. Apart from that, roadways are also in Farmers Support and decided to cancel any transportation service tomorrow.

Farmers want their demands to be listened to. They will perform acts to express their needs and demands to the central government. It has been a topic of debate over the years. The central government won the hearts of central India for sure. However, the north India is left yet. Will the government listen to their demands amid the coming elections? All the residents are requested to avoid traveling long distances tomorrow due to Chakka Jams and non-availability of the public transportation.

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