Goa Star Results Today, Live Chart, Timings Know How to Apply?

Goa Star Results for 15 February 2024 is out now. We will share details about Goa Star’s Results below. The draw has a lot of demand in the state. Lakhs of people search for the Goa Star draw Time and results daily. Goa is among the 13 states of India where a draw is legal. Apart from that, draw games are most prominent in this state. Goa Star is the draw from the Goa state for all residents of Goa above 18 years of age. Let’s explore the more information below.

Goa Star Results

Goa Star Results

Goa Star Draw is known by different names like Goa Star Matka, Goa Star Game, Goa Star Draw Rajshree, and Goa State Draw Sambad. People know the draw by different names but the spirit to play among them is all the same. Following is the table showing the results for the Goa Star draw below. We will share the results of 15 February 2024 with all timings below. The results for 15 February are shown in the table below. The recent draws for 3:00 pm resulted in number 91 for GA, 25 for SA, 23 for RA, and 3(229) for Goa Star.

Goa Star Results Today

Results  GA SA RA Goa Star
1:00 PM 63 47 15 1(146)
1:15 PM 04 51 67 1(560)
1:30 PM 13 25 36 6(123)
1:45 PM 47 61 80 8(468)
2:00 PM 01 32 94 2(390)
2:15 PM 68 56 22 3(256)
2:30 PM 21 80 56 5(258)
2:45 PM 05 48 07 4(400)
3:00 PM 91 25 23 3(229)
3:15 PM 26 24 51 9(225)
3:30 PM 50 39 78 5(357)

Goa Star Draw Timings

Goa Star draw time takes a 15-minute duration. A new draw is released after every 15 minutes. For Example, a draw released at 3:00 pm, its results will be out after 15 minutes starting another draw at 3:15 pm. It keeps continuing the same way. The craze for the Goa Star draw is a lot because of its short duration. It is the top draw game in Goa.

How to Apply For Goa Star Results Draw?

The process for the application to the Goa Star Results draw is simple. One just needs to have the card number that they will get from the first time registration and the PIN No. After entering both the information, one just needs to tap on submit. You will be logged in to your account. However, the Goa State draw mentions that it’s for people above 18 years old only. It will be available for the residents of the Goa to play.

If you want to claim the draw you win, you have to submit a form available on the official website of the Government of Goa. The form will contain basic details like your full name, father’s name contact number, DOB, Profession, PAN Number, Bank Account, IFSC Code, and Name of Bank and branch. Below, you have to mention the details about your winning ticket. Submit it with four passport-size photos attested to claim the amount.

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