Bomb Blast in Trinamool Leader’s House in Bengal 3 Killed

There is extremely unexpected news available from Bengal, India. A Bomb Blast happened at the Trinamool Leader’s House in Bengal. Reports say, In this bomb blast 3 killed. Besides this remaining loss is yet to be found out. Some of the politicians came on Twitter and shared their condolence over the death. They also asked police to investigate this blast. If you want to know completely new stay here with us. Undoubtedly, this blast shows the lack of seriousness in the security by police and how much work we still have to do. However, police started an investigation into this blast to find the accused.

Bengal Bomb Blast

Bomb Blast in Trinamool Leader’s House

On the basis of reports, it was the venue of senior TMC leader Abhishek Banerjee’s scheduled rally in the district today. Definitely, it is the biggest sign that there was a lack of security and that’s why the bomb blast happened. Also, we lost 3 lives as well in this blast. The blast occurred in Naryabila village in Bhagabanpur Block 2 under Bhupatinagar Police Station.

When we started the research we found that the Bast happened nearly at 11:15 AM on 3rd December 2022. The house where the blast happened is extremely damaged now and you can see its pictures as well. The dead bodies were evacuated from the house and shifted to the hospital. TMC state general secretary Kunal Ghosh said it is very easy for the opposition to blame the ruling party in West Bengal without any evidence.

Also, we want to tell you that there are panchayat elections next year and the Police started to prepare themselves for it. Lastly, the panchayat elections in Bengal happened in the year 2018. Now Twitter is filled with tweets over this serious bomb blast. Many politicians and well-known personalities said it is a serious matter and police should work more on security and find where is the mistake.  If you want to read the tweets ten you should visit Twitter where numerous posts are available and the matter is trending

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