List of Countries With Highest Cryptocurrency Investment Know Complete Details

As we all know very well that cryptocurrency is the biggest trend in the financial world. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency attracted many investors and traders from all over the world. But now there is a big curiosity that which country has the highest investment in the cryptocurrency market. Here is the List of Countries With the Highest Cryptocurrency Investment. Through this article, you will see the top countries with their total users who invested in the market. Definitely, it is interesting to see this exciting list. So get all the details briefly here.

Highest Cryptocurrency Investment country

Recently we have seen such massive updates related to the cryptocurrency market. Not even this but we have seen such a huge level of dump and pump in the market. Simply, the Crypto market is highly volatile. Currently, there are many countries that are heading to regulate cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Which Country Have Most Cryptocurrency Investment

El Salvador is the first country to allow digital currency. Even there are other countries which going to regulate crypto. But in these, some countries are still not sure to regulate. So let’s know the list of top countries that how much amount which country have in the market.

India$10 Billion
Russia$210 Billion
Brazil$50 Billion
Pakistan$20 Billion
Iran$660 Million
El Salvador$15 Million
United Kingdom

Above you have read the list. Besides this list, there are many other countries which have a huge amount. Because crypto is the biggest trending way of investment among traders and investors. Even due to the exponential growth and massive returns people like to invest in various types of crypto projects. If you want to ask any kind of question then you can ask us in the comment section. We will add the details briefly and tell you the info that you will ask for. Don’t forget to read our other informative articles.

If any country brings the regulation on cryptocurrency then we will add the information here. Also, we will add the details that which country going to impose a tax on the crypto returns and revenue. Recently, India has imposed a 30% tax on cryptocurrency which made everyone shocked around the world. Under this tex category cryptocurrency transaction is yet to taxable and will be taxable soon from the upcoming months.

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