Coffee Day Enterprises Q3 Results 2024 Earnings, Net Profit, Sales Report

Coffee Day Enterprises Limited is prominently known by its subsidiary company Cafe Coffee Day.  Coffee Day Enterprises Q3 results 2024 will be released soon. The last quarter showed a loss of Rs. 109.15 crores. The previous quarter was not good for the company. However, the revenue showed an increase of 12.75%. There are other factors affecting the profits of the company. The revenue increase is still considered a positive sign. Let us look at the Coffee Day Enterprises Limited quarterly update below.

Coffee Day Enterprises Q3 Results 2024

Coffee Day Enterprises Q3 Results 2024 Revenue, Net Profit, Sales Report

Coffee Day Enterprises Q3 results 2024 are expected to be released soon. We will update you with the release date as it’s announced. The company may turn to profits this quarter. However, they might need to work more on profits. Many quarters have recorded a high expense that also contributes to the losses. The Cafe Coffee Day has been among the top coffee outlets. They are famous for their taste all over the world. It’s an Indian startup that builds into a multinational chain of coffeehouses.

Coffee Day Enterprises Limited Q3 2023 showed an increase in revenue to 243.8 crores compared to Rs. 229.16 crores in Q2 23. The expenses also reached Rs. 669.80 crores. It led to many investors losing their interest in the shares. The share was also falling at that time. The expenses are three times more than the revenue of the company. Coffee Day made a loss of Rs. 408.50 crores. The major part of the losses includes other expenses. The EPS was also -19.07.

Coffee Day Enterprises Q2 2024 also recorded a net loss. It’s around Rs. 109.56 of net loss for the quarter. There is an improvement for sure compared to Q3 2023. However, there are still a lot of things to work on. The company’s revenue was again at a jump of 4.74% YoY. However, it’s falling quarterly by -0.76%. There are expectations that the company will recover by this quarter. There are almost 50-50 chances for profit and loss.

Coffee Day Enterprises Limited has a share value of Rs. 64.85. It showed a growth of 38.87% in the December month. In the last six months, the company made a rise of 64.59% in the share value. It has made the most in the last three months after Q2. We hope you get enough details about Coffee Day Enterprises Limited’s quarterly updates.

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