CupBop Founder Junghun Song Net Worth, Biography, Success Story Know What Happened to Him After Shark Tank?

Cupbop is a well-known company that gave its appearance on Shark Tank. Now people are excited to know where he is now, and what happened to CupBop Founder Junghun Song after the Shark tank episode. The company deals in barbecue food in a small bucket or cup. They are trying to take Korean tastes around the world. Junghun is the founder of Cupbop. Dok Kwon was also on Shark Tank along with Junghun. He is not the founder but the first investor of the company. They nailed it on Shark Tank with all Sharks deal. We have discussed details about the Cupbop founder’s biography, net worth, and success story.

CupBop Founder Junghun Song

CupBop Founder Junghun Song Net Worth, Biography, Early Life

Cupbop founder Junghun Song is the founder of the Korean food company Cupbop. He started the journey a few years ago, in 2013. Junghun completed his schooling and started working on exploring more ideas. While living in Utah, United States. He realized that the area does not have much exposure to Korean cuisines. His idea to run his company started from there. Let us have a look at the Wiki bio of Junghun Song.

Name: Junghun Song
Gender: Male
Age: 35 Years Approx
Profession: Entrepreneur
Known for: Building Cupbop
Cupbop Start place: Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Birth Date: Not known
Nationality: South Korean ( to be confirmed )

CupBop Founder Junghun Song Net Worth

Junghun Song has a net worth of $ 180 Million. He earns majorly from his company. Cupbop makes revenue of $36 million approx. He has been working hard on the company’s growth. Junghun and his first investor made it big together.

CupBop Founder Junghun Song

CupBop Founder Junghun Song Success Story

Cupbop started with two stores officially, handled by both of them. Junghun started Cupbop with the idea of spreading the taste of Korean cuisine into the world. Junghun’s first customer was Dok Kwon. He likes the taste and concept. Dok was eager to join with Junghun as a partner and an investor. He became the first investor in the company. They both represent the business together everywhere.

What Happened To Cupbop After Shark Tank?

Cupbop got funding offers from all the sharks. They chose to go with Mark Cuban’s deal. It was $1 million for 7. The original ask of Cupbop was $1 million for 3%. Cupbop finalised the deal for $1 million for % of the company. After Shark Tank, the company received more orders, and they grew in numbers. The company has around 50 stores in the United States and 165 stores outside, with the majority in Malaysia. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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