Yi He Binance Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth Chenpeng Zhao Know Her Success Story

Yi He Binance is the co-founder of Binance. She is one of the prominent personalities around the world. Yi He is the wife of Ex-Binance CEO Chenpeng Zhao. Recently, Chenpeng has been in controversy for money laundering allegations against him. He also got a fine of $4.3 billion from the US Department of Justice. Chengpeng Zhao’s controversy revealed many things about him. However, he never mentioned his wife anywhere. Chengpeng Zhao appears to be a private individual and does not share much about his life. We have shared some more information about Chengpeng Zhao’s wife.

Yi He Binance Co-Founder Net Worth, Wiki, Husband Chenpeng Zhao Know Her Success Story

Yi He Binance Wiki, Age, Binance Co-Founder And Wife of Ex-Binance CEO Chengpeng Zhao

The sources have mentioned that Chengpeng Zhao is single and never married. He does not have any wife or ex-wife. However, he was said to be in a relationship with Yi He. She is a famous Chinese travel television show host. The couple dated and lived together in a relationship for several years. According to sources, the couple is no more living together. Yi He was working in China at that time. Her current positions and job roles are not confirmed.

Yi He Binance Husband And Chenpeng Zhao Marriage

Changpeng Zhao is not married yet. He was in a relationship with Yi He. Many people believe that it was just a rumor. While others mentioned that the relationship was truly existing. Chengepeng Zhao is secretive about his relationships. However, he maintained a healthy and extensive relationship with Yi He. The couple is also said to have two children. They were baby boys grown up in the United States. While there are rumors that Chengpeng Zao has three children. However, it is not confirmed yet.

Yi He Binance

Yi He Wikipedia:

Name: Yi He
Profession: Chinese Travel Show Host
Known as: Binance Co-founder
Language: Chinese
Nationality: Chinese
Age: 40 years approx
Children: two sons with Chengpeng

Yi He Binance Husband Net Worth

Chengpeng Zhao has a net worth of $ 1500 crores. He has multiple income streams. Chengepng founded Binance in July 2017. He gets paid around $1.81 million. Chengpeng also has several other business investments. He always believed in cryptocurrencies. His opinions about crypto are in favor.

Chengpeng Zhao Car Collection

People are curious to know about his lifestyle as well. Chengpeng Zhao does not own any cars or other luxuries. He invests his money wisely. Chengpeng Zhao built the company from the starting phase of crypto growth. Binance was the top platform for crypto trading in eight months of hard work. Chengpeng Zhao belonged to China but had Canadian and UAE nationalities. His lifestyle and success are an inspiration for many. He is currently dealing with some critical cases related to money laundering.

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