DDA Housing Scheme 2024: Discover From 10,000 Flats Available For Booking Now

DDA  Housing Scheme is providing an offer for the online booking of 10,000 flats. These flats are available in different categories. They have started providing different categories of flats already. In its previous Diwali Special Housing Scheme, the distribution went on a first come first get basis. This offer will also match the previous offer for 7,931 flats selling out of a total of 10,000 flats. Let us look at the DDA’s new housing scheme below.

DDA Housing Scheme

DDA (Delhi Development Authority) Housing Scheme 2024: Available For Booking Now In Delhi

DDA (Delhi Development Authority) launches new housing offer. Under this, the Delhi Development Authority is providing around 10,000 flats. In its previous Diwali Special Housing Scheme 2023, the buyers got these flats on a first come first get basis. The company completed all the registrations for the flats before the ending date of the booking. It took a mere few days for the booking to be completed.

These flats are divided into different categories. The first one is MIG (Middle Income Flats). In this category, there will be around 445 flats. These flats will be available at a 15% discount to all interested candidates. However, some individuals will get more discount. They will provide around 25% discount to the government employees. Apart from that, DDA’s retired employees will also get the discount benefits. 

For the general public, it is already available at a 15% discount, which results in the flat value being Rs. 85-87 Lakhs. Apart from that, those with a 25% discount will get the flat at Rs. 75-77 lakhs of range. It will save them a lot of money. All the retired DDA employees can also be a part of it.

After we discussed the middle-income group (MIG) flats, we have the (high-income group) HIG Flats next. These flats are available in Jasola. There are only eight high-income group flats. It will have almost double the value from the MIG Flats. It will be one of the best in terms of luxury. Thus, these High-Income Flats are available at Rs. 2 crore – Rs. 2.1 Crore.

The third category is Lower Income Group Flats (LIG). These are available at A1 & C2, Sirsapur. These flats will have less costs compared to the other ones. They are available at Rs. 17 Lakhs. While there is another set of LIG Flats located in the Loknayak Puram’s pockets A1 and C2. It will have a higher value at Rs. 26-27 Lakhs. 

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