Who Is Madhu Nair? Biography, Career, Success Story of Union Mutual Fund CEO

Madhu Nair is now the new CEO of Union Mutual Fund. Everyone is eager to know about his success story and how he managed to reach such a position in his life. Madhu Nair has been successfully working with HSBC Global Asset Management for the last seven years. He is among the top people working at HSBC. He got the chance to work with HSBC Global Asset Management Private Limited India in April 2017. Let us look at more details about Madhu Nair below.

Madhu Nair

Madhu Nair resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is known for working with HSBC Global Asset Management as Chief Sales & Distribution Officer. Since his childhood, he has been good at studies. Madhu Nair completed his schooling at Bethany English High School, Kunnamkulam. Later, he went to the University of Mumbai for a B.Sc in Chemistry.

He completed his post graduation from Pune University and Harvard Business School. Madhu worked in Investment Banking at KJMC Capital Markets for a year. Later, he receives an impressive offer at HDFC Bank as a private banker. He learnt about mutual funds and the market at Kothari Pioneer Mutual Fund. Madhu also shows his sales skills at the company. He was the Vice President of Sales & Distribution at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited. His journey with HSBC started in April 2017 and continued for seven years.

Before Madhu Nair, G Pradeepkumar handled the position for a long time. However, the new CEO is now on his post and ready to take Union Mutual Fund at the top. Madhu Nair expresses his gratitude and excitement for the role. He mentions that he is ready to take on his responsibilities as a new CEO. Thus, it will be a good chance for him to showcase his talent at the new place.

Union Mutual Fund started as a partnership between Union Bank of India and KBC Asset Management NV. They manage several investments in equity and equity-related instruments. Union Mutual Funds provide different sources to invest the money in their schemes in mutual funds. Mr. Rajkiran Rai G is the chairman of the company. It has several trustees as well. The major one is Union Trustee Private Ltd. with compliance officer Ms. Akshata Shenoy. The company had Rs. 13,360.11 Crores of assets at the end of December 2023. It seems to grow more in the coming years.

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