Delhi Solar Policy 2024 Benefits: How Consumers may Get Zero electricity Bill?

Delhi Government announces Delhi Solar Policy 2024. There are a lot of positive changes and benefits to the consumers. The government is allowing and encouraging Delhi residents to install solar panels on their rooftops to reduce electricity consumption and bills. The installation will also allow the consumers to earn extra sources of income. The policy is attracting many people to increase solar installation in the city. The world is moving towards solar energy slowly after the fossil fuels side effects.

Delhi Solar Policy 2024 Benefits: How Consumers may Get Zero electricity Bill?

Delhi Government bring this Solar Policy 2024 with new changes. As per the new policy, the government will allow the residents to install solar panels on the rooftop and earn money for the installation. It will contribute to an extra source of income and control inflation as well. The government aims to ensure zero electricity bills.

The AAP government introduced the solar policy in 2016 for the first time. Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal took the initiative to make the city solar-oriented. It led to a lot of positive results and progression in the city. As per the previous Solar Policy of 2016, the earlier installed capacity of solar power in Delhi was 1500 MW. It will be now 4500 MW of installed capacity of solar power.

The Solar Policy 2016’s 1500 MW of solar power was divided into two parts. The Delhi resident’s rooftop capacity was 250 MW with 1250 MW brought from outside the city. The main purpose of the policy is a reduction in air pollution. Solar power is a renewable source of energy. It leads to a reduction in air pollution. CM knows the sincerity of the topic of air pollution in the city and is working on it.

It is said to be one of the most polluted cities in the world. Delhi has the poorest air quality in India as well. The Delhi government took the initiative for the development of the city and the environment’s betterment. Solar installation has led to progressive results. The world is making a shift to solar. It is said to be the best utilization of the energy available.

AAP government is working on providing subsidies in the electricity bill as well. In Delhi, the government charges no electricity bill from residential consumers from 0 to 200 units. Further, they provide a 50% discount on the consumption from 201 units to 400 units. After 400 units, one has to pay the bill completely.

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