Who Was SDM Nisha Napit? Age, Biography, Husband, Career & Death Case Explained

Madhya Pradesh’s Shahpur SDM Nisha Napit has been smothered with a pillow by her unemployed husband Manish Sharma because she did not make him a nominee. Nisha was a 51-year-old woman working as a sub-divisional magistrate in Shahpura, Madhya Pradesh. SDM Nisha Napit death case has shocked everyone and people around the nation just want to know why her husband Manish Sharma killed her. Here are the details that you should know related to this murder case. Below you will find out SDM Nisha Napit biography, age, and career.

SDM Nisha Napit

Manish Sharma killed her wife SDM Nisha Napit for not making him a nominee in service, insurance, and bank records. He killed her and removed all the evidence as well. Manish Sharma is accused of the murder of his wife under a dowry-related murder case upon him. The couple had a love marriage three years ago. SDM Nisha Napit was a sub-divisional magistrate SDM posted at Shahpura, Madhya Pradesh. She was married to Manish Sharma. The couple met on the social media platform and married in 2020. As per sources, they were married three years ago. No information is available about their kids at the moment. She took the job on her hard work.

Manish Sharma killed her wife, SDM Nisha Napit on Sunday. The incident took place at their house. Manish killed her by suffocating her with a pillow. She was not able to breathe which led to her death. According to the sources, Nisha and Manish were having a dispute because Nisha did not make him a nominee in service, insurance, and bank. There might be some reason behind her not doing so. It is yet to be known.

Manish took Nisha to a hospital in Shahpura. He mentioned to the doctors that she was bleeding from her nose and mouth. At hospitals, the doctors find Nisha’s condition strange. She was dead at the time he took her to the hospital. Upon interrogation, Manish said that Nisha was not well for a few days and passed away during the treatment. Her death took place at the hospital.

The post-mortem reports mentioned it to be a murder case. There was no illness reported in the post-mortem. Nisha was an SDM. Being a government worker, the police took her case as an urgent one. They declare a price of Rs. 20,000 to the team for solving the case in 24 hours. The forensic team investigated the house properly. Manish played a smart trick by washing the bedsheets and her clothes to remove the blood stain. Later, he accepted that he washed her clothes to remove the stain. Nisha was dead for 4-5 hours before she reached the hospital as per the reports.

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