Who Is Ervin Tu? Prosus And Naspers CEO to visit India Know His Net Worth & Salary

Prosus and Naspers have announced their new interim CEO, Ervin Tu. He will be working on the role after the sudden departure of CEO Bob Van Dijk. The company provides internet services and is considered one of the largest tech companies. The company has invested in Byjus and Swiggy’s growth as well. He has been taking on the work and responsibilities since September. We will share details about Prosus and Naspers new CEO Ervin Tu below. He will come to Delhi and Bengaluru this month.

Prosus And Naspers CEO Ervin Tu

Ervin Tu Prosus And Naspers CEO to Visit India

Prosus And Naspers have recently announced that Ervin Tu will be handling the position of CEO after the stepdown of Bob Van Dijk. The company is also an investor in several big Indian startups. They invested around $6 billion in Indian startups. He will visit Delhi and Bengaluru during his time in India. He might visit more places that are yet to be confirmed. There is no reason mentioned behind the resignation of the current CEO at the moment. He has said that he will be meeting his team in India on his visit. Tu has yet to confirm his meeting with the government officials.

Who Is Ervin Tu? Biography, Career

Ervin Tu is the Interim CEO of Prosus and Naspers Company. Interim CEO refers to the person who is assumed to be a CEO and handling the responsibilities. This often happens when the current CEO leaves all of a sudden. He has been working as the managing partner of Soft Bank since 2018. His work was to analyze the right businesses to invest in. Ervin worked for several years with Goldman Sachs. He has been in business since his beginning. He has handled his every role with a lot of responsibility. The company has made this announcement after looking at the work ethic of Ervin. He might be an actual CEO soon. This all depends upon the dedication and work of Ervin Tu.

Net Worth, Salary

Ervin Tu has a net worth of approximately $10 million approx. He earns a salary of $5 million from his job. Apart from that, he has real estate investments and business investments. He lives a luxurious life. Ervin contributed to the growth of several companies. His people skills and entrepreneurial skills took him to the heights. Ervin is available on Instagram and LinkedIn. You can follow him for more updates related to him and the company.

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