Nifty Falls Below Rs 19,750 And Sensex Closed Below 65,800 Points

The share market has recorded another fall today. Nifty falls below Rs 19,750 and Sensex closed below 65,800 points. The market is predicted to remain down for tomorrow as well. Hence, nothing can be said for sure. The market has seen a 0.17% fall in the Nifty and a 0.28% fall in the Sensex. This included FMCG, banks, railways, and other stocks. The investors are applying their different strategies. The ones with long-term investments and short-term investments have varying opinions. Let us have more details about this fall.

Nifty Falls

Why Nifty Falls Below Rs 19,750 And Sensex Closed Below 65,800 Points Today

Nifty started with a price of 19,674 at 9:15. It later started going up in the morning. The all-time high of Friday was recorded at 19,800.70. The market closed at 19,765.20. Nifty is down by 33.40 points or 0.17%. It is currently at a value of 19,731.80.

On the other hand, Sensex is currently at 65,794.73. It started at 65,930.01 in the morning at 9:15. It closed at 65,737.09. The all-time high of Friday was 66,024.03. Sensex is low by 187.75 points or 0.28%. These are the current figures and updates. We will update you with further details as the market opens tomorrow.

Few banks like SBI, RBl, and AB Capital are said to have the majority loss in Future and Options. The Indian Railways, SBI Life Insurance, and TVS-like companies have the majority gain in Future and Options. The Railway showed a growth of 18%. There are different reasons for the fall and growth of Nifty and Sensex. We shared data of Nifty 50 above. Let us have details about Nifty 100. It is currently at a value of 19,773.45 and it is 12.40 points low or 0.063% down. It had the all-time up for Friday at 19,835.75 and down at 19,696.10.

Nifty 500 is still performing better. It is showing up by 7.40 points or 0.042%. It was at its all-time high of 17,647.20. We hope to see some positive changes tomorrow. Many people are eager to know whether the Nifty and Sensex will fall or rise tomorrow. Nifty was below 19,000 a few weeks ago as well. If we look at the one-month chart, Nifty is going up. It was at 18,857 in October end. It has reached 19,731 in a month.

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