Goenchi Feni Founders Success Story, Net Worth & Shark Tank India Funding

Shark Tank India Season 3 featured Goenchi feni, which is gaining popularity on social media and the Internet. Goenchi is known for its popular Wines. They have raised ₹2 crore for 15% equity to Deepinder Goyal. After the recent episode, everyone was curious about the Goenchi Feni Founders Yash Sawardekar and Tulika Sawardekar. The founders of this startup amazed the sharks with their amazing market-fit product and impressive financial stats. Goenchi Feni is a Goa, India-based startup of the manufacture of well-known Feni which is popular for its taste. Below you will read the Goenchi Feni success story, valuation, and the Goenchi Feni founders journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Goenchi Feni Shark Tank India

It is an Alcoholic Beverage Sector startup founded in the year 2023 by Yash Sawardekar and Tulika Sawardekar. Both founders belong to a reputed family and currently living in Goa, India. They both are siblings and want to introduce Goenchi Feni to the world. Now they are getting profitable with time and recently came into the spotlight after appearing in Shark Tank India Season 3. Goenchi founders got amazing funding proposals from all five sharks which was a tremendous moment. Also, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal offered them a very impressive amount with a good valuation.

Discussing Goenchi Feni’s history and inspiration success story. As per the founders, the product is inspired by the traditional and authentic taste of Feni which brings a coastal area feel to the classic bottles. Currently, Goenchi Feni offers a variety of flavours like Coconut Feni, Cashew Feni, and more.

Currently, the primary source of Goenchi net income is their website. Also, the founders are trying to build a strong presence on all e-commerce platforms and brand value over the Internet. After raising funding from Shark Tank India, the startup is continuously in the limelight and gaining strong attention among the people. If you are willing to follow goenchi on social media then the official page username is @goenchifeni. They currently have 700 followers on their profile.

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