PMO Data Breach Case And EPFO Database Leaks Recorded

A random social media user exposes data breaches on X through his account post recently. As per the reports, the user mentions that the data breached include the official data of PMO and EPFO making it a matter of concern. Everyone is eager to know whether the information is real or fake. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In) is looking up the released reports to find out whether its latest or old ones. Read more about PMO data breach below.

PMO Data Breach Case And EPFO Database Leaks Recorded

PMO Data Breach And EPFO Leaks From Chinese Cyber Agencies On GitHub

PMO and EPFO official data leaks from Chinese Cyber Agencies on GitHub. It belongs to the PMO (Prime Minister Office) and EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization). The leak is a matter of concern. However, things will get clear after the confirmation from The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team. As per the tracking reports, one of the attackers had access to organization’s server already.

Many of the sources mention that there was some Chinese involvement in the leak. However, the investigations are going on. It is not the first time that this happened. There are several times these cyber attacks take place targeting sectors like healthcare and telecommunications. These sectors are targeted to know the current situation of the country and mislead consumers or countries using it.

If we talk about cyber crimes in India, their percentage increases over time. People are becoming the prey to such incidents quite often. Not only internationally, its increase is also within the country. After the penetration of the internet, there is an increased number of threats for the users putting their data publicly. Amid all these rising concerns, can you guess which is the country with the most cyber attacks recorded? If you guessed India, you are right.

India is getting 13.7% of the cyber-attacks from all over the world. After India, the United States is the second targeted country with cyberattacks counting to 9.6%. Thus, one needs to think before sharing their details with anyone. Apart from that, the companies facing all these issues usually have a cyber security team to manage all these situations. However, the rest is still a mystery. Everyone is curious to know more about the leaked reports. The team is working day and night to reach the root of the attack. Till now, the point is on the Paris Institute of Political Studies. We will update you more about the case updates sortly. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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