Happiest Minds Technologies Generative AI Services

Happiest Minds Technologies is in the news for their recent announcement as they declared a merge of their 2 units and will create a new one. The company is known for its IT services among which the most popular are networking, business transformation, and engineering services. We will discuss the merger of the company unit and their new unit by the name of PDES. To know more about the PDES unit, keep reading for more information.

Happiest Minds Technologies Generative AI Services

Happiest Minds Technologies Launched Generative AI Services

Happiest Minds Technologies have decided to create a new unit by the name, of PDES or Product Digital Engineering Services. The unit will be created with the PES Product Engineering Services Unit and DBS Digital Business Service Unit so that more advanced digital products can be created. The Product Engineering Service or PES unit is handled by Joseph Anantharaju. The new PDES unit will also be handled by him. He put all his efforts into taking the unit to the heights and he succeeded in this as well. This unit will be known as PDES BU. However, the unit of IMSS will remain separate from it.

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The main focus of the company behind creating the unit is to explore new digital technologies and find solutions on how they can use them to make engineering services even better. The executive chairman of the company has a vision of making it a billion-dollar company by 2031 and it has already been on that path. They will also be taking the help of the generative AI space of their business. Let us look at the profit details of Happiest Minds Technologies.

Profit Made By Happiest Minds Technologies

The company made a profit of 58.46% in the previous year with 0.2% of QoQ. They had a revenue of 428.83 crores. The company started in 2011 with the idea of creating a world where customers and their happiness are given preferences. It was the idea of Ashok Soota that got success after a few years and also funding from the investors.

The company focuses on sending positive vibes to the people. They were successful in their idea, and their logo also shows a rising individual. They also use Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and automation. The company started in Bangalore, India, and reached Canada, the UK, and Australia. The company will further move to its next targeted countries and also expand its services. Happiest Minds Technologies is expected to have a profit of more than 450 crores.

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