Henry Blodget Net Worth, Biography Know Why Insider CEO Step Down?

Henry Blodget is now the Former CEO of Insider company. He recently announced his step down from the position of CEO. After this headline, everyone wants to know Henry Blodget net worth, biography, and success story. Insider is a news platform that provides tech, finance, startup, and business-related news. They have added a few new categories in the last few years. The company was known as Business Insider earlier. A question is rising on the internet asking the reason behind Henry leaving his role. He has spent 15 years in the growth of the company and built it from scratch.

Henry Blodget Net Worth, Biography Insider CEO Step Down

Henry Blodget Biography, Why Insider CEO Step Down?

Henry Blodget was born and brought up in the Upper East Side, New York, United States. He is currently 57 years old. Henry was born in 1966 and brought a lot of happiness to his family’s life. His father was a banker and his mother was a writer. He was always curious about new things since his childhood. Henry completed his schooling at a local school. He joined Yale University and studied BA in History. His journey to success started from Merrill Lynch company where he gave his two years. Let us have a look at the early life of Henry Blodget below.

Name: Henry Blodget
Age: 57 Years Approx
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Upper East, New York, United States
Year: 1966
Occupation: CEO of Business Insider
Known for: Building Business Insider
Spouse: Henry Mckelvey Blodget
Parents: Donald McKelvey and Barbara Barnes
Education: Yale University

Henry Blodget Net Worth And Wealth

Henry Blodget has a net worth of $50 million. He gets earnings from the company’s profit. Henry has 5% to 10% of the company. According to sources, Henry once had $700,000 of tech investments. He has worked 16 + years in Business Insider. He has recently stepped down from the position of Business Insider’s CEO. The reason behind his step-down has not been mentioned yet. His position and roles will be taken off by Barbara Peng. He will be the upcoming CEO of Business Insider.

Henry Blodet Success Story

Henry got his first job at Merrill Lynch in 1999. He worked there as a Managing Director and Senior Analyst for 2 years. Henry has enough experience to handle a company. He became CEO of Cherry Hill Research in 2003. He worked in the company for 3.11 years. Henry got the best opportunity at that time to work in Business Insider. He signed the papers and joined Business Insider in 2007. Henry spent more than 16 years in the growth of the company. Stay tuned for more information.

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