Who Is Sheel Seidler? Peter Seidler Wife Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wiki

Sheel Seidler is a yoga practitioner and wife of Peter Seidler. Her real name was Sheel Kaur before getting married to Peter Seidler. She creates yoga and meditative videos. Sheel often focuses on Kundalini training to increase consciousness. She lost her husband and going through a tough time at the moment. Sheel posted her last video three weeks ago. Her Indian background and traditions are making people eager to know more about her life. We will share details about Sheel’s net worth, bio, and love life below. She has made a big contribution to taking the art of Kundalini yoga internationally.

Sheel Seidler wikipedia


Sheel Seidler Biography, Age, Early Life

Sheel Seidler was born and brought up in India. She is 46 years old now. She completed her studies in her native country and shifted to America to study law. Sheel was passionate about her career and was a woman with ambition. She never compromised to work on her or change herself. Sheel got her job as an attorney in the United States. She was a working woman and got married to Peter Seidler. Her yoga journey started after her first pregnancy. She aims to help all women achieve a happy and stress-free life during and after pregnancy. Let us have a look at her personal life.

Sheel Seidler Wiki:

Name: Sheel Seidler
Age: 46 years approx.
Gender: Female
Birthplace: India
Birthday: Not known
Year: 1977 estimated
Spouse: late Peter Seidler
Profession: Kundalini yoga practitioner and YouTuber
Known for: Peter Shielder’s wife and Kundalini Yoga
Nationality: Indian American
Languages: English and Hindi
Real Name: Not known

Sheel Seidler biography

Sheel Seidler Net Worth, Wealth

Sheel Seidler has a net worth of $5 million. She earns from her YouTube channel Buddhi Move. Sheel also gave one-to-one training and online training. Now after the death of Peter Seidler the wealth will go to the Sheel. She is known for the well known yoga pictures and empowering women.

Sheel Peter Seidler Success Story

Sheel started her journey after practicing law in the United States. She met Peter in her college time. They both started dating each other. The couple got married after a few years of their relationship. She was pregnant with he first baby. Sheel could not go to her attorney job due to her pregnancy. She decided to leave her job and sit at home. The decision was tough for her. Sheel used to get anxious sitting and thinking about her being a housewife. She got to know about Kundalini yoga and started practicing it. Sheel completed 500 hours of Kundalini yoga training. She also used to do simple yoga at the beginning. Sheel gave lessons on online and offline modes and helped women live their lives happily.

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