India Banned these 18 OTT Apps due to Vulgar Content Complete List Here

The Central Government recently announced a ban on around 18 OTT apps. As per the government, these apps were responsible for posting obscene and vulgar content on their platforms. We will share details about the reason behind The Central Government banning these apps. The banned apps include Uncut Adda, Dreams Films, Prime Play, and more. The OTT industry is growing all over India. Several local content companies are coming up with new ideas. Let us explore more about these banned apps below.

India Banned these 18 OTT Apps due to Vulgar Content Complete List Here

Central Govt. Bans 18 OTT Apps After Finding Vulgar And Obscene Content On Their Platforms

The central Government will ban 18 OTT apps as they find their content vulgar and obscene. OTT platforms like Uncut Adda, and Dreams Films had their name in the industry are no longer accessible to the audience for new downloads. The crucial reason behind the ban on these apps is the display of $exual content including nudity and wrong display of women.

The content includes misleading messages and creates wrong relationships in society. It includes content like a teacher and student’s romantic relationship or a husband and his neighbor’s romantic relationship.

Thus, OTT apps are said to be going through some strict regulations from now onwards. It comes under Sections 67 and 67A of the IT Act, Section 292 (Indian Penal Code and Section 4 of the Indecent Representation of Women Act violation. Thus, the apps, websites, and accounts coming under these categories need to take a step to improve their content. Following are the details about the OTT apps showing websites’ total ban count:

Websites: 19
Apps: 10
Social Meda Accounts: 57

The banned apps and platforms were not having a small audience. They were targeting a big audience, impacting the youth of the country. Everyone is curious to know the list of the new apps that the government banned:

  1. Prime Play
  2. Chikooflix
  3. Fugi
  4. Hot Shots VIP
  5. Mojflix
  6. MoodX
  7. Nuefliks
  8. Xtramood
  9. Rabbit
  10. Hunters
  11. Besharams
  12. Neon X VIP
  13. X Prime
  14. Tri Flicks
  15. Uncut Adda
  16. Yessma
  17. Voovi
  18. Dreams Films

All these apps are said to be having some obscene content. Thus, everyone needs to take the necessary steps on an individual basis as well. Else, it can promote such ideas in the youth’s mind. Any new user won’t be able to download these apps from now or access any of these websites. We hope you get enough details about the Central Government banning the 18 OTT apps above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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