Tata Sons IPO Date, Price Band, Face Value, Issue Size, Detailed Review

Tata Sons IPO is a trending term in the headlines as the company has yet to announce any fixed date. Along with the IPO details, the company is also having some fluctuations in the share price of related companies. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the IPO date. Let us discuss Tata Son’s IPO date below. Tata Chemicals share price is currently ₹1,173 per share. They fell by 10.82% today, which is a massive fall.

Tata Sons IPO

Tata Sons IPO date is yet to be final. However, RBI regulations mention the company to open the IPO by September 2025. Thus, if the company fails to do so, there will be consequences as well. Tata Sons might announce the IPO soon. However, there are no details about its IPO, face value, opening date, closing date, and any other information. Tata Chemicals’ share price is decreasing today as it was also the beneficiary of Tata Sons IPO. Thus, it harmed its share value.

Philanthropic Trusts had the maximum shares in Tata Sons. It is among the major companies of Tata Group. At the same time, Tata Chemicals Limited’s share price is ₹1,173 per share. It opens at ₹1,220 per share with a market cap of 29.95 T Crore. The 52-week high for the share is ₹1,349 and the 52-week low is ₹921.65. In the past five days, the company had an increase of 20.43%. It was following a J curve with maximum growth and fall on 7 March 2024.

We will update you shortly about the Tata Sons IPO. As per the sources, Tata Sons might not enter the market this year. Thus, the investors are now looking for details about other categories and stocks. Tata Group saw a fall in the other shares as well. It includes Tata Powers and Tata Motors as well. Tata Motors shares fall by 1%. While Tata Powers shares fell by 3%. The company is working properly making a good revenue. However, the IPO matter is uncertain. No one knows about the IPO date yet. The unclarity makes the investors shift to other upcoming stocks. We will update you as soon as we get to know about Tata Sons IPO Details.

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