Who is Tarun Jha? Biography, Net Worth, Career, Know why Havas Creative CEO Resigned

Tarun Jha quits his position as the CEO of Havas Creative India. The news is making headlines among listeners all over the internet. Now Everyone is curious to know more about why Tarun Jha resigned. Tarun achieved much success and appreciation in his journey of 1 year as the company’s CEO. Let us explore Tarun Jha’s biography, career, success, and more below. We will also share the reason behind his resignation.

Tarun Jha

Who Is Tarun Jha?

Tarun Jha leaves his job at Havas India as a CEO. He mentions that he wanted to pursue better opportunities waiting for him in the life ahead. Tarun Jha belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra. He completed his studies at St. Joseph’s College, Allahabad, India. Later he pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing. Tarun gets a job as an Account Executive after he graduates from Mudra Communications. Later, he joins Ogilvy and Mather as an Account Supervisor.

He got an offer from Videocon Group as a Senior Manager in Marketing for 2 years. He has also worked as a Marketing and International Marketing Consultant in SKODA India. Tarun joins Havas India in March 2023. He mentions that he wants to work on some other opportunities. The company appreciates him for his efforts. Everyone is wishing him good luck in his new role. He reached success as he had multiple skills in his life, which he acquired with hard work.

Tarun Jha has experience as a Strategic Marketing Consultant, Account Management, Product Launch, Event Planning, Contract Negotiations, and more. He has been a part of the marketing industry for a long time. His every effort leads to an increase in the company’s performance. Tarun Jha left the position recently. The news went viral. Havas Creative India also expresses gratitude for Tarun Jha being in the position for a year. No one has taken his position at the moment. The company will run without a CEO for some time. Havas India’s Southeast Asia Group CEO Rana Barua will report everything in Tarun Jha’s place.

Apart from that, other top persons in the company like Anirban Mozumdar, Kundan Joshee, and Anupama Ramaswamy will also extend their efforts to fulfill his needs in the company. We hope you get enough details about Tarun Jha’s success story, reason to quit, and other things above.

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