Sheena Rani DRDO Scientist Biography, Career, Success Story, Achievments

Sheena Rani is in the headlines for her efforts in the DRDO Agni 5 Missile test Mission Divyastra. The missile gets its launch successful. PM Narendra Modi also congratulated the DRDO team. Among them, a name is coming up in common, Sheena Rani. She is a missile specialist. She is said to be going through a lot of challenges for its successful launch. However, she took it all right, leading the team. Everyone is curious to know more about Sheena Rani’s DRDO biography, success, story, and more.

Sheena Rani DRDO

Who Is Sheena Rani?

Sheena Rani is a missile specialist. She is the woman behind India’s Agni Missile Programme. It is India’s one of the biggest initiatives by the Government of India. Sheena is also the associate director of DRDO’s ace lab. She has worked previously at ISRO. Later, She shifted to DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation). As per details, Sheena is a graduate with a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Sheena Rani is one of the top female scientists from DRDO and has been leading her team, setting an example for other women. Many girls get inspiration from her and want to become like her. Women are leading scientific missions as well, which is a good thing for the development of the country.

If we talk about the Agni 5 Missile, it is more special than others. APJ Abdul Kalam Island launched the missile from Odissa. Different big and honorable personalities congratulated her. The most powerful thing about the Agni 5 Missile is its range. It has the longest range compared to the previous missile. The Agni 5 Missile range for all models is as follows:

  1. Agni 1: 700 km of range
  2. Agni 2: 2,000 km of range
  3. Agni 3: 3,000 km of range
  4. Agni 4: 4,000 km of range, and
  5. Agni 5: Exceeds 5,000 km of range

Agni 5 Missile mistress is married to her husband, PSRS Sastry. Sheena received a lot of love and support from people around her. Anyone who knows her supports her proudly. DRDO is responsible for Kautilya Satellite Launch as well, where her husband plays a crucial role. Her life is a passion of every individual who wants to enter DRDO and ISRO. We will provide more updates about her shortly. Stay tuned for more information on our website. We hope you get enough details about the Agni 5 Missile launch success above. Sheena has been working with ISRO for a long time working on its all Agni missiles.

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