Who Is Jitendra Singh Rathee? Biography, Age, Career, Nafe Singh Rathee Son

Nafe Singh Rathee’s death left everyone in shock. The whole family is mourning the loss of their loved one. His son is quite emotional at the time and mentions about his father. He demands the suspect’s arrest as soon as possible. Nafe Singh Rathee’s son Jitendra Singh Rathee mentions that his father did not get security from the government. We will share details about Nafe Singh Rathee’s son’s Wiki bio and what he said about his father’s death below.

Jitendra Singh Rathee

Nafe Singh Rathee’s son is Jitendra Singh Rathee. He is extremely sad and mourning the loss of his father. However, he makes a strong decision to fight for his father to provide him justice. The suspects of Nafe Singh Rathee should get arrested as per Jitendra. He is willing to do anything after the incident. As per him, his father had been asking for security for a long time, but he didn’t get any. While his father passed away in Bahadurgarh traveling in an SUV, he had only three private gunmen. They got some injuries, but we’re able to survive. However, Nafe Singh had a lot of bullet shots leading to his death. Let us have a look at what his son said about his father’s death.

Nafe Singh Rathee’s son, Jitendra Singh Rathee was said to be complaining about the involvement of some government officials who don’t want Rathee to continue his work.  They knew that Rathee would keep raising his voice on the topics like robbery. Thus, his father receives no security from the government. Not only Nafe Singh Rathee but his whole family including his son has been demanding security for the last five years. They sent several handwritten documents to the SP demanding security. However, the things were same every time.

Jitendra Singh Rathee says he will not do a cremation ceremony for his father until the police arrest the suspects. Also, they want security for their family. He takes the pledge that he will only cremate his father’s body after the government fulfills his demands. Nafe Singh Rathee’s son further says that the common man is at high risk and has no safety. However, his father was a VIP. Still, he did not get any security or protection from the people sitting above. The people of Bahadurgarh are also supporting him. They are demanding justice for Nafe Singh Rathee as they have a huge respect for the man in their hearts. We will share more details about the case shortly. We hope you get enough details about Nafe Singh Rathee’s son above.

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