Who Is Joe Gow? Age, Biography, Wife, Wisconsin University Chancellor Fired for Starring in Adult Video

Joe Gow and his wife were fired from their jobs after the video controversy. They are titled $exy Happy Couple on websites like OnlyFns. Joe Gow Wisconsin University Chancellor fired after the recent adult video. The couple got a lot of attention after they posted adult content online. The University of Wisconsin Chancellor removed Joe for his actions. The university believes that these acts are immoral to perform in the university. Also, the university’s reputation is harmed. Let us explore more about Joe Gow and his wife in the article below.

joe gow and carmen wilson

Who Is Joe Gow? Age, Biography, Career and Wikipedia

Joe Gow is also known as Dr. Gow. He is married to Carmen Wilson. He got fired from the position of Wisconsin University Chancellor after the incident of his viral adult video. They both are famous by the name $exy Happy Couple on platforms like OnlyFns and P0rnhub. Their Twitter account goes by the name $exy Healthy Cooking. Joe mentions about his active involvement in consensual adult $exuality. His termination is a violation of his freedom to speak.

Joe Gow Wikipedia

Name: Joe Gow
Profession: Former Wisconsin University Chancellor
Age: 63 years old
Gender: Male
Known For: Viral adult content
Spouse: Carmen Wilson
Children: not known

Joe Gow’s Wife Carmen Wilson

Joe Gow is married to Carmen Wilson. She recently created a adult video with her husband. The couple posts the video on the internet. They become viral after the posts. As the video came to the University board, they decided to remove De Joe from his position. She runs a Twitter account with her husband as $exy Healthy Cooking. Let us have a look at the controversy as well.

Joe Gow Video Controversy

Joe Gow and his wife are in controversy for posting their video in adult content format. Their content is available on the internet circulating to different places. The couple has also written books on their experience in the aƒadult industry. They mention that their relationship has grown over the years as a couple. Their book is on social media by the name, Monogamy With Benefits: How Porn Enriches Our Relationship, and the second one is Married With Benefits Our Real Life adult Industry Adventures.

Joe believes that the university violates his right to freedom. He says that he does not mention his relationship with the university anywhere. The university claims that the video harms the reputation of the university. Everyone is curious to know more about the couple. There is nothing much mentioned about their personal life. They do share their updates on the Twitter page. We hope you get enough details about Joe Gow and his wife above.

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