Waaree Energies Results 2023 Annual Report: Revenue, Net Profit, Sales Growth

Waaree Energies is going to launch an IPO. Everyone is curious to know more about Waaree Energies results and annual report. We will share details about Waaree Energies Limited’s Annual report below. The company has performed well in the market. Everyone is keen on knowing the financial reports of Waaree Energies. As the reports mention, the company has performed better in the previous year. It shows a high chance that the company will be performing well after the listing.

Waaree Energies Results 2023

Waaree Energies Results 2023 Revenue, Net Profit, Sales Growth, Annual Report

Waaree Energies Limited made the revenue of Rs. 500 Crores. The company had an increase in the net worth by 360.32%. While its EBITDA margin has an increase of the 816.46%. The total assets reached 258.68%. Overall, the operating revenue for the company increases to Rs. 500 crores. The net worth was 360.32%. Its Debt/Equity ratio is 0.10. The company witnessed an increase in fixed assets and current assets. The liabilities for the company also moved up with assets. It has increased by 250.96%.

Waaree Energies is the top performer in the solar panel. The company filed the papers for the IPO worth Rs. 3000 crores. As the company will be listed on the share market, it might start publishing the report quarterly. Waaree Energies is the top leader in solar panel manufacturing. They are planning for their further expansion. The company also has different projects going on. Waaree Energies’ current reports show receivables of 298.69% compared to trade payables of 168.90%. It means that the company has more debtors as compared to the creditors. It can be a good sign if the debtors had a good debt from the company.

There is around 23.69% of the return on equity. Waaree Energies started on 18 December 1990. The company is going to list in the market after 33 years of its incorporation. The authorized Share Capital is Rs. 500 crores with a paid capital of 261.74 Crores. They have their headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They specialize in rooftop solars. It captures both domestic and commercial markets. The commercial segment gives more revenue, but it depends on which type they choose. The company expects to grow further in the upcoming year as well. It can achieve good growth in the profits and the revenue. However, a year is a long time to decide the results in advance. We hope you get enough details about Waaree Energies Limited’s annual reports for 2023.

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