Who is Manoharan Ponnuthurai? Lotto Max Winner Worth $70 million Know His Age, Net Worth, Family, Country, Biography

Manoharan Ponnuthurai is continuously in the headlines after the reveal of his identity on the internet. As per the news, Manoharan Ponnuthurai is the winner of Lotto Max’s $70 million prize money. He is 54 years 54-year-old father and family man who won the Lotto Max jackpot and scored big from a “quick pick” ticket. Previously the identity was not shared by the board but later on Friday, the identity of the winner of the highest lotto max lottery winner was disclosed on the internet. Here are the complete details that you should know and read all the important information about him. It includes his Age, Net Worth, Family, Country, and Biography. Read about famous lottery Kolkata Fatafat

Manoharan Ponnuthurai Biography

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed the identity of Lotto Max worth a $70 million winner name on Friday, January 14, 2022. Based on the information, he won Dec. 17, 2021’s draw and although he is now a multi-millionaire, he does not want to retire just yet.

Manoharan Ponnuthurai 54-years-old Father Won Brampton, Ont. Lotto Max 

Now talking about the statement of winner Manoharan Ponnuthurai over the matter. Then we want to tell you that Ponnuthurai said “he has been playing the lottery for about 30 years. It was something he and his father enjoyed playing to “dream about what could be,” he said. Also, he added that it was a Quick Pick Ticket while many times he picked a number after thinking for a time.

Ponnuthurai shared the moment when he saw his lottery number in the Lotto Max result. He said he was extremely happy and even shocked to see that finally, he won the prize. The biggest thing about winning was the prize money which was beyond my expectations.  called his wife and children and asked to check the number again. Manoharan Ponnuthurai said his heart was racing faster and faster. He again checked the number on the OLG app and it was surprising for him.

“At that very moment, I was still shaking but I was not loud. I was in shock and I quietly kept saying, ‘I won. I won!'” Ponnuthurai said.

Manoharan Ponnuthurai Net Worth

Now moving toward the Manoharan Ponnuthurai net worth. Then we want to tell you now he is rich and definitely there is no doubt he has huge wealth now. But in an interview, he told that he still does the work he did. Also, he added that currently, he doesn’t have a plan to take retirement. There will be more exciting details that you should read. Stay tuned with us.

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