Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali a 22-years-old boy Sold NFT Selfies Worth $1M Know His Instagram, Education, Biography

As you all know cryptocurrency is continuously getting attention around the world. Non-fungible tokens are one of the most important types of crypto. In Jan 2022, A 22-year-old boy Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali made $1 million through selling NFT selfies on the OpenSea platform. As per the information he turned his selfies into NFT and sold these NFT selfies on OpenSea. It took over five years to click these huge numbers of pictures in front of his computer. The incident happened in December 2021. Our best wishes are with Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali. May God also bless him for the best future.

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali

Who is NFT Boy Ghozali? made $1 Million by NFT Selfies

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali lives in Indonesia. He is 22 years old. He suddenly became popular on the internet after the news and everyone wanted to know about him. Most probably you will see many details in this article which is important to know. He started clicking these pictures when he was 18 years old. Here is a tweet shared by him telling everything about these NFT selfies.

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Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali Education

As per the available details, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is a computer science student from Semarang Indonesia. He became popular after selling 1000 selfies nft. Now people are curious to know about him and even he is the first person to sell selfies into NFT. The artist set the price of these selfies NFT at $3. Surprisingly there were lots of buyers who purchased the pictures. With the rising popularity, one of Ghozali’s NFTs sold for 0.247 Ether (ETH) on Jan 14. worth $806 at the time of purchase, according to AFP.

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Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali Instagram

Currently, we are looking for Ghozalu Ghozali’s Instagram ID. But it is yet to be available. Now moving toward his education we want to tell you that Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is a computer science student. He is in graduation and has good knowledge of computer science. The schooling detail is yet to come in the knowledge and when we get the information it will be added here.

For further information stay to get in touch with us. Now he has $1 million and can pursue what he wants to do in education. He can do anything in his career to explore more computer science and do a lot more courses as well.

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