Mukesh Ambani to Acquire Disney at Valuation of $10 Billion

Disney India is going to dilute a major stake in Reliance Limited which is said to have having $10 billion dollar value. Disney is a platform that provides a lot of cartoon series and other seen series. Every Indian kid has grown up watching Disney cartoons. Many people are curious to know what impact will Disney have after selling a major part of the business to Reliance. This article will share complete details about the Disney India and Reliance deal. So if you want to know more, keep reading for more information.

mukesh ambani disney deal

Why Disney India Is Selling Its Business To Reliance? Deal Near to be Closed Soon

Disney India is selling a big part of the business to Reliance which is valued at $10 billion. Disney has put the value at $10 billion but Reliance has valued it at $8 billion. People are curious to know more about the deal. However, Reliance has not accepted the deal yet. There are still some discussions going on currently. After JioCinema provided free IPL tournament live access, it has created an impact on the other streaming platforms for sure. Reliance has been working in this freebie service to attract more customers and has done earlier also. The same strategy was used when the Jio sim card was launched which provides free internet to people along with a free sim card. Disney has captured the Indian market’s younger audience in the last many years. It has been said that Disney has millions of viewers in a month combining different series. Disney’s most famous character is Mickey Mouse which has gathered the most number of views.

Currently, the idea is going on and nothing has been declared on the final note. Disney might look it as a good opportunity which is the main reason why it wants to sell the business to Reliance. If we talk about Reliance, it also has controlled a major part of India’s economy. Such big changes are not expected. Minor changes in the level of management might take place. However, fans will get their regular entertainment as it is or even better. Disney is currently planning and launching many new series and also some originals which will be a delight for this festive season. We will update you as soon as the deal is closed by them. Till then, you can enjoy the latest series of Disney on the Disney + app. Stay tuned for more information.

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