Shashank Kumar Net Worth, Wealth, Biography Razorpay Founder & CEO, Read Success Story

Shashank Kumar is the founder and CEO of Razorpay. It is the platform used for online transactions through any digital device. He has been one of the leading entrepreneurs in India. We will share details about the successful journey of Shashank Kumar and his net worth. He has also spent several years at Microsoft. He has been successfully building his first startup. RazorPay received the Startup Of The Year Award in December 2022 from the Economic Times. Let us look at the journey of Shashank from IIT to Razorpay.

Shashank Kumar RazorPay

Shashank Kumar Razorpay Founder Biography

Shashank Kumar was born and brought up in a humble family. He completed his schooling at the Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee at the end of 2012. Shahsank was a part of y combinator program. He gets the mentorship of Paul Buchheit & Dalton Caldwell. He joined this internship while he was in college. It boosted his career and allowed him to work at Microsoft as an intern.

Shashank Kumar Wiki:

Name: Shashank Kumar
Age: 30 Approx
Profession: Entrepreneur founder of Razorpay
Hometown: not known
Current Residence: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Education: Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee
Parents: not known
Specialization: fintech

Shashank Kumar Net Worth And Wealth

Shashank Kumar has a net worth of $5 million to $10 million approx. He earns majorly from his business. He has a good social media following on his account. Shashank invests in other small businesses as well. He considers his time at Microsoft as the best period for learning. He implements everything he learns immediately.

Shashank Kumar’s Success Journey

Shashank Kumar started his career in 2010. He was in IIT completing his Computer Science degree. Shashank did an internship for three months in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was developing the mining algorithms in the company. He joined Microsoft as an intern in 2021. It was the end of his college. He was an intern as a Software Development Engineer. This was also a three-month internship. He founded SDS Labs. The main purpose of the labs was to promote the programming & software projects in college.

He worked for 1 year at Microsoft as a full-time employee. Shashank left the company to found Razorpay. His company has recently raised $375 million at a valuation of $7.5 billion. The major investors in the series were TCV, Lone Pine Capital LLC, Tiger Global Management, Sequoia Capital, GIC, and Alkeon Combinator. He wants to see India as a $5 trillion economy by 2025. Stay tuned for more information.

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