Sunny Leone AI replica By Delhi based Startup Know How to Chat? is a Delhi-based artificial intelligence startup. The company created Bollywood actress Sunny Leone AI replica. It copies the exact persona and features of Sunny Leone. She posts her video on X. It’s completely impossible to differentiate between her and the replica in the video. Sunny has shown support for the growth of AI in the field. She shows her excitement to explore new fields and business. The founders are working to create a replica to enhance celebrity-fans interaction.

Sunny Leone AI replica

Now Chat with Sunny Leone! Startup launches Sunny Leone AI Replica is in the headlines for creating the Sunny Leone AI replica. They use the data to create an AI model copying the exact version of the celebrity. The company focuses on expansion in the media and business world. Brands can generate additional revenue by renting out their APIs to other businesses. They mentioned. It will act as an additional revenue stream. The celebrities can not be everywhere for the shoot. They can rent their AI version to have an additional income. The company wants to increase celebrity and fan interaction. is also willing to expand the idea to the businesses. Let us explore more about Sunny Leone’s replica and her reaction below.

Sunny Leonne has recently collaborated with the company to create her replica. She posts the video of the replica on X. Sunny Leone AI replica video on X looks like the exact Sunny Leone. It is difficult to differentiate between the two. She mentions it in her replica’s video. “I can’t believe that this is me. Now all of you can call me or chat with me whenever you want!!” she added. The AI will be available for voice and video chat with the fans. You can chat with her replica through the link she provides on her X account.

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Sunny Leone shows the trust in AI. However, there are many deepfake incidents taking place. She adds that she wants to explore new fields for her growth. Sunny has become the first celebrity to have her own AI replica. The owner of this replica will have a license. It will work only with their permission. The model creates a lot of insecurities and doubts among many people. It has a lot of concerns and data privacy issues. The brand will be able to use it for any shoot after renting these replicas. We hope you get enough details about’s new AI replica technology above.

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