PNB FD Rate Increased again: Now Get above 7% on this Fixed Deposit

PNB FD rate has been increased on its 300-day fixed deposits. The interest rates have changed from 6.25% to 7.05%. The bank has revised within seven days of its previous revision. The FD interest rates decide a lot about the money you have kept there. Everyone wants to have more interest rates for a better return on FD. Different banks have different interest rates. We will share details about PNB’s FD rate’s recent revision below.


PNB FD Rate Increased to 7 per cent on the Fixed Deposit Of 300 Days

PNB (Punjab National Bank) has increased its interest rates for deposits of 300 days. It will now be 7.05%. The investors get 6.25% earlier. You get a higher percentage on deposits for 300 days rather than deposits for one year or less than 400 days. The bank provides 6.25% on deposits for 301 days to one year. It will provide 6.75% for deposits of one year. While the deposit for 400 days has the highest interest of 7.25%. The other banks, like SBI and HDFC, also made some revisions a few months ago. Let us look at the table below to understand PNB’s interest rates.

Period Updates Interest Rates
91 to 179 Days 4.50
180 to 270 Days 6.00
271 Days to 299 Days 6.25
300 Days 7.05
301 Days to < 1 Year 6.25
1 Year 6.75
> 1 Year to 399 Days 6.80
400 Days 7.25
401 Days to 2 Years 6.80
Above 2 years & up to 3 years 7.00
Above 3 years & up to 5 Years 6.50
Above 5 years & up to 10 years 6.50

Other Banks FD Interest Rates

SBI: The bank will offer 6.80% on one-year deposits. It will give 7% on its deposits between 2 years to 3 years. The 400 days will have 7.10%.

HDFC: The bank will offer 6.6% on one-year deposits. It gives 7% on most of its long-term deposits. However, there is 7.10% on deposits between 15 months to < 18 months. It is 7.15% on deposits for 2 years 11 months – 35 Months.

ICICI Bank: The bank provides 6.7% of the interest on deposits from 1 year to 15 months.

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We hope you get a comparison for the interests on deposits near one year period in different banks. The PNB revision is in action from 8 January 2024. Keep reading more such updates on our website.

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