Who is Anvi Verma? 14-year-old Bengaluru Girl Missing Case Know Everything Here!

Anvi Verma Bengaluru girl has been missing for two days. Her parents are concerned about her and filed a missing report at the police station. Anvi is 14 years old and a ninth-grade student of Kanya Mahavidlya. The police are currently investigating the case. Her father has shared her number as well. If anyone saw her, do contact her father. The news is going viral all over the internet. We will share details about Anvi Verma’s biodata and case update below.

Anvi Verma

Anvi Verma Missing Case Update: Police Found Her? Everything Explained!

Anvi Verma is going viral all over the Internet. She has been missing for the past two days. Anvi Verma was born in 2009. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.  There is no update about her current location at the moment. However, the Police officials investigating the case as a priority and most probably will find her. Anvi has been passionate about studies since her childhood. Anvi performed extraordinarily in academics. People surrounding her have concerns about her. Let us look at the biodata of Anvi Verma below.

Anvi Verma Biodata:

Name: Anvi Verma
Gender: Female
Age: 14 years old
Birth: 2009
Alma Mater: Kanya Mahavidlya
Education: 9th Grade
Profession: Student
Known for: Missing from Bengaluru
Nationality: Indian
Residence: Bengaluru

Where Is She Now?

Anvi Verma is said to be missing for the past two days. Her parents mentioned that they last saw her on Tuesday. She has been missing since Tuesday evening. Anvi was going for her tuition. She said that she would come back after her tuition classes. However, she has not come back yet. The case appears to have a relation with parental pressure for studies. A website mentioned that Anvi left the house a few months back as well. The reason behind it was her studies. She was good in academics. However, her interest in studies was reduced for a few days. Her parents asked her to put in more effort. She left home at that time. Anvi came back after some time then.

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She might have left the home again or something else might be the circumstance. Jeevan Bhima Nagar Police is on their work to find out the girl. The circumstances often create a lot of anxiety among the parents for their children. However, we pray that the girl remains safe and comes back soon. Anvi’s neighborhood community is also looking for her. We will update more details about her as the case proceeds further. You can contact her father if you see her anywhere. His number is mentioned on the official Twitter post of Karnataka Weather by the handle @Bnglrweatherman.

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