SurfSet Fitness Net Worth Know its Founder ‘Mike Hartwick’ Revenue and Success Story

Surfset Fitness is a company that specializes in providing fitness that one gains through surfing, but without actually needing to go to the water. The idea was given by Mike Hartwick the founder of the company when he was surfing on his vacations. Surfset Fitness Net Worth is $15 million USD right now and she is getting popular around the world. Today the company has been represented in Shark Tank and other platforms and has been valued high, which has definitely increased the revenue too. This article will share about the net worth, annual revenue, and the success journey of the company in detail, so keep reading for more information.

SurfSet Fitness Net Worth

Mike Hartick Surfset Fitness Net Worth, Income

Surfset Fitness has a net worth of around $15 million. The company has gathered thousands of users in their training systems and also they have been using the surf set boards provided by the company, either separately or in group classes. If we talk about the founders of Surfset, who are Mike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn, their net worth is discussed below.

What is the Revenue Of Surfset Fitness In A Year?

Surfset revenue was $8 million in 2022 and it is expected to be between $15 million to $20 million in 2023. However, this has not been confirmed yet, but you will be updated as soon as it is confirmed. Surfset Fitness also pitched their business in Shark Tank and got the funding of $300k for 30% of the share with Mark.

Surfset Fitness Success Story

The startup ‘Surfeset Fitness’ was the idea of Mike Hartwick as he wanted to create a product that could give surfing benefits to our health without actually moving to the ocean. He used to be a hockey player by profession but got a chance to surf on his vacations, which was his favorite thing to do. He got the fitness from surfing that he was not expecting, so he collaborated with Sarah Ponn, who has deep knowledge and professional experience in nutrition and diet. They created Rip Surfer X for surfing on the land. However, the company has not done much social media marketing yet, their Instagram account has only 3k followers, and have not posted anything from the last 4 years on their page.

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