Tony Fernandes AirAsia CEO Net Worth 2023, Income, Wealth, and Viral Video

Tony Fernandes is going viral over the internet after sharing a shirtless video message. Now everyone wants to know about him. Airasia CEO net worth is $335 million (₹300 crores) and his salary is $30 million per month. Tony Fernandes joined AirAsia in the year 2001. He attained attention among people after this viral shirtless video message for employees. Let’s reveal everything here with all the major things about him. He has a huge car collection with good wealth.

Tony Fernandes Net Worth AirAsia CEO Income, Wealth, Assets and Viral Video

Tony Fernandes AirAsia CEO Net Worth 2023, Income, Wealth & Car Collection

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes net worth is $335 million in 2023. While talking about this figure in Indian rupees, it will be around (₹450 crore). Tony is 59 years old and born in April 1964. He has various luxury cars in his car collection of top brands in the world. Tony is known as the chief executive officer of the well-known Indian airline AirAsia. He suddenly got into the headlines after sharing a shirtless video on the Internet with a message for employees. Everyone was amazed to see him in that viral video.

Tony has over 20 cars in his collection and his income is a witness of his luxurious life. But his shirtless video making everyone shocked on the Internet. After this news, people around the world were shocked to know that the CEO of Airasia which is an airline company did this unbelievable thing. In that video, he was sitting and shared the message with the team in the meeting.

AirAsia CEO Shirtless Viral Video

Are you looking for the AirAsia CEO viral video, it is available here.  In this video, Tony Fernandes appeared shirtless in front of his employees conducting meetings and sharing messages with employees. You can watch the video below with the duration. Due to this video, he is getting trolled on social media and by YouTuber Gaurav Taneja. Do let us know if you want other information about him. Gaurav Taneja said he earns more than the CEO of Airasia Tony Fernandes. Now it will be interesting to see what will be the reply of Tony over the claim of Gaurav.

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