Suzlon Energy Q2 Results 2024 Fiscal Period: Earnings, Net Profit, EBIDTA, Net Loss

Suzlon Energy Q2 Results 2024 Report making everyone curious and excited as well. All the shareholders are waiting for the financial report of Suzlon Energy Q2 of FY24. Recently, the company shared news about the latest renewable energy projects. This news surged the share price and made investors confident about the stock growth. Let’s discuss the financial report of the company including revenue, net profit, and loss during the quarter 2 fiscal period 2024.

Suzlon Energy Q2 Results 2024: Revenue, Net Profit, Loss & Announcement Date

Suzlon Energy Q2 Results 2024: Earnings, Net Profit & Loss

Suzlon Energy Ltd is a renewable energy company and it is one of the much growing companies in India. Currently, the share price of Suzlon Energy is trading at Rs 31.20. Shareholders are showing strong positive signs regarding this stock. Now this will be interesting to see when the company will announce the official q2 results FY24.

Suzlon has recently announced the Q2 FY 24 results. All the investors are eager to know the revenue of the company. Suzlon had a revenue of Rs. 1,417 crores in Q2 FY2024. It has an operating performance of Rs. 224 crores in Q2 and an EBITDA margin of 15.8%. The company has shown a 7.8% of the growth rate. It is expected to grow even more by the next quarters. Suzlon’s PAT before exceptional items is said to be Rs. 137 crores in Q2 FY 2024. The company is expected to have a revenue of Rs. 250 crores by the next year. It might cross the expected number as well. Suzlon had an EBITDA margin above 10% from the last two quarters and maintained the growth every quarter. 

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Previously, In the Q1 Results of FY24, the revenue of the company was ₹1,369.85Cr and Revenue fell -64.44%. While the net profit surged to ₹100.90Cr. This quarter 1 report indicated that Suzlon Energy Ltd marked almost 7.37% growth in its net profit on a year-on-year basis. On a quarterly growth basis, Suzlon Energy Ltd has generated a 48.64% fall in its net profit margins in the last 3 months.

Now coming to the shareholders’s expectations regarding the upcoming results. After getting the recent projects Suzlon Energy seems very strong from the fundamental view.

Suzlon Energy Ltd Q2 2024 was released on November 2, 2023. Experts predicted that if the revenue goes on the positive side then the share price will surge and reach a new all-time high by the end of November 2023. Also, the quarter 2 results of other companies are available on our website. Do let us know, if you want an analysis of any stock. Read more of the latest business news on our website.

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