Top 10 Discount Brokers In India With Lowest Brokerage

People nowadays are looking to save their commission percentage in stock investment. Here are the Top 10 Discount Brokers with the lowest brokerage. This article will share details about some best discount brokers in India. Keep reading for more information. This service can be provided by the apps more easily as compared to reaching the brokers directly. The list will help you choose the best one from the given platforms. Currently, the top one is Zerodha.

Top 10 Discount Brokers In India

Top 10 Discount Brokers In India With Lowest Brokerage

  1. Zerodha: founded by Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath, Zerodha is a platform to trade online. You can have brokerage-free investments for several options. It has 64 Lakhs+ active users.
  2. Angel One: It is another popular angel broking company. It is approved by BSE and NSE. The company has a total of 42 lakhs+ clients.
  3. Upstox: Upstox is popular for its refer and earn program and its free demat account option. It has an active clients of 28 Lakhs+.
  4. 5Paisa: It is a trading and broking company that gives you the option to trade from anywhere. It is approved by NSE. The company has 20 Lakhs + users.
  5. Samco Securities Ltd: It is a Mumbai-based stock broker platform. It is certified with SEBI and is a member of NSE. The platform has a current active clients of 70k +.
  6. Groww: It is also a famous platform that is promoted by many creators on YouTube. It is a new platform but has grown out to be one of the most successful ones. It has 66 Lakhs+ active clients.
  7. Paytm Money: Paytm is a famous online fintech platform. It has its own branch, Paytm Money. This is also a trading and mutual funds platform.
  8. Trade Smart: This platform is said to be giving the lowest brokerage charges. It has an active client of 32k users.
  9. Alice Blue: It is said to be one of the top award-winning firms. It has options to invest in stocks, IPOs, mutual funds, etc.
  10. Kotak Securities: It is said to be one of the most trusted platforms for investments. It has 12 Lakhs + users active every month. It is a member of NSE. Its bank itself has 323 branches.


There are several options that give a chance to trade through discount brokers. It will help in reducing the amount of commission involved in investing. We hope that this article gives you an idea about some useful platforms to invest in. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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