Vinay Singhal Net Worth, Biography, Stage OTT Co-Founder & CEO Success Story

Vinay Singhal is the CEO and co-founder of the Stage OTT platform. He is known for his immense work and struggles in the journey of entrepreneurship. Vinay has built Stage which is an OTT platform in regional language and offers a variety of content to regional audiences. The idea was not the first success of Vinay, he has successfully built, Wittyfeed, which was closed due to some uncertain circumstances. We have brought to you the successful journey of Vinay Singhal and his company stage, which says Company Nahi, Hum Kranti Hai.

Vinay Singhal Stage OTT

Who Is Vinay Singhal? Stage OTT CEO & Co-Founder Biography

Vinay Singhal is the co-founder of the Stage app. He founded this app with his college friend Shashank, and his younger brother Praveen. Vinay and his brother Praveen belong to Bhiwani, Haryana. He completed his schooling at BRCM Public School and graduated from SRM University in Chennai. Vinay Singhal is a graduate in Computer science. He started his entrepreneurial journey with WittyFeed. The company was the second biggest in its time and it had an office at Times Square. While Facebook deplatformed them, the company was finished in a day. His employees supported him and they all developed, Stage within the next 1 year.

Success Story And Career

Vinay along with his brother and friend started Wittyfeed. He went through a lot of struggles while Wittyfeed was deplatformed by Facebook. The main reason behind this was that Wittyfeed was a non-American company that was able to put its influence on the American voters. More than 40% of users were Americans who read their content. They continued giving salaries to his 90 employees working in the company after the incident took place.

On the other hand, he asked his employees for support. Singhal offered a new plan by the name Stage and asked for 6 6-month period. 44 employees supported him and also gave their savings to form Stage. They shared the company’s equity with their employees and made them a good revenue within a year.

Vinay Singhal Net Worth

Stage OTT Co-Founder Vinay Singhal has a net worth of $5 million (approx). The exact net worth is not known at the moment. We will update you as soon as we get to know about it. He also appeared in Shark Tank with his co-founders. Their story inspired millions of people. He also received funding of 1.5 crores on 0.6% equity with 1.5 Crores for debt for 18% interest. The company has a valuation of 300 crores.

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