What is Torus Kling Blockchain? Announced India’s First Bitcoin ETFs Know Launch Date

Here is good news for all the people who are waiting for India’s first ETF. As per the news, on Thursday, January 13, 2022, former Reliance Capital CEO Sam Ghosh that the company Torus Kling Blockchain IFSC going to launch India’s first crypto exchange-traded fund (ETF). It is the biggest moment for everyone who is extremely excited to welcome India’s first crypto ETF. As we expect you have various queries in your mind. So, according to us, this report will give the complete brief of this news and you will get every single detail from it.

What is Torus Kling Blockchain

It going to be the biggest event this year related the cryptocurrency. If you are also waiting for India’s first Bitcoin ETF then stay here and read all the details. Definitely, you will enjoy this report. Also Read: Shiba Inu Price Prediction 2022 Know Should We Invest Now?

What is Torus Kling Blockchain?

As per the information, Torus Kling Blockchain is a company that is going to launch India’s first cryptocurrency ETF. It going to be the biggest thing that happens related to crypto in India. Torus Kling Blockchain IFSC CEO Krishna Mohan Meenavalli also confirmed to launch of this Indian ETF. As per the details, it will be the liquidity provider to India INX by providing round-the-clock deep liquidity with smart order routing.

Kling Trading India, signed an MOU with India INX to launch India’s first Bitcoin and Ethereum futures ETF and Metaverse US-listed large-cap discount certificates. Also, it will be the first crypto-backed futures ETF that is outside of the United States. Even the biggest thing is that it will be the first Asian crypto ETF as well.

Torus Kling Blockchain Announced India’s First ETF

Now as we know you are looking for the official statement related to this news. Definitely, it is important to read and know what Krishna Mohan Meenavalli says over the matter.

“New asset class is tip of the iceberg. Exchange trade products allow trading through regular investment accounts, bypassing the hassle and security concerns of cryptocurrency exchanges”, said Krishna Mohan Meenavalli, CEO, Torus Kling Blockchain IFSC.

After knowing all the details we want to say that it going to be the biggest investment in cryptocurrency by India. Also, it is a great and biggest sign that there are huge chances to allow cryptocurrency in India. In the previous, some days government of India talked about the Cryptocurrency bill. But now it is almost a big sign that India is ready to welcome Cryptocurrency and allow it for transactions. However, the government will bring some special regulations related to cryptocurrency. For further related information, you can bookmark the website in your browser and get all the information briefly. Stay tuned with us and get all details.

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