Where Is Bitta Karate Now? Aka Farooq Ahmed Dar ‘Dead or Alive’ Wife Age

The Kashmir files movie has been released. It received marvellous attention beyond everyone’s expectations. But except for the huge emotions, the film left a most common query among the audience which is all about Farooq Ahmed Dar. Everyone wants to know “Where Is Bitta Karate Now? Aka Farooq Ahmed Dar ‘Dead or Alive’ Wife Age”. Also, people want to know where is Bitta Karate now. These several questions make people curious even angry after watching this film. In the past few hours. Undoubtedly, we will try our best to give you all the details related to him. There are millions of people who search for this query and want to know complete information about it. If you are one of those then you will get answers to your all queries related to this person.

Who is Farooq Ahmed Dar? Where He is Now & Is he Alive Know Wife Wiki Age

Who is Bitta Karate Now? Aka Farooq Ahmed Dar

Farooq Ahmed Dar went popular, especially after the Kashmiri Pandit case and we can say that people are now angry after knowing the reality and what he did with Kashmiri Pandit. He was born on January 1, 1973. He has been charged with a violation of the public safety act. However, the criminal penalty is still pending. Bitta Karate (Farooq Ahmed Dar) has been arrested and detained by NIA. Everyone is emotional and wants to know the answer. That is why he did such a terrible crime and people see him as the main person who did terrible things with Kashmiri Pandit.

Is Bitta Karate Dead or Alive?

If we discuss where is Bitta Karate now and is he dead or alive? Then we want to tell you that Bitta Karate is alive and in Kashmir. You can see about his previous life and what he did with Kashmiri Pandit in his Wikipedia. However, his exact place and current location of him is cannot be identified without any official source. So we are not sure about his current location of him.

Bitta Karate Aka Farooq Ahmad Dar Viral Video

Bitta Karate Wife

Now we will tell you who is Bitta Karate’s wife and when they got married. Most probably you will get the answer related to this query. Bitta Karate aka Farooq Ahmed Dar was married to Assbah Arzoomand Khan. The couple married in 2011 and vent viral on the internet. She was the state government official at that time. But her current position is unknown. For further information, you can bookmark the post in your browser and we will definitely add more details after getting from the internet.

Bitta Karate Age

Many people looking for information whether Bitta Karate aka Farooq Ahmed Dar is alive or not? Along with it, people want to know his age. Current Bitta Karate is 49 years old and living in Srinagar as per the available detail. There are several other pieces of information available that are extremely important. If you want to watch his video which was controversial and went viral over the internet. You can watch the available video in which he accepted the crime.

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