Who is 8xbet Founder? Ryan Li Biography, Net Worth and False Claims

8Xbet and Manchester City are doing a regional partnership. 8xbet will be the new betting partner of Manchester City. We all know that Manchester City is a trusted name. The 8xbet is showing a lot of doubt about its existence. Several people are claiming to be the founder of 8Xbet. Ryan Li is said to be the founder of 8xbet currently. We will share details about Ryan Li and 8xbet ongoing rumors in this article.

Who is 8xbet Founder? Ryan Li Biography, Net Worth and False Claims

Who Is 8Xbet Founder? Ryan Li, Net Worth, Biography

There are a lot of rumors about the 8xbet founder. The most prominent name has come out to be Ryan Li. He is said to be officially the founder and the CEO of the company. However, his identity is unknown at the moment. Many say that he does not have any social media profile. The official account of Manchester City did not post any such thing on their Instagram profile. The shirt shown by 8xbet is not the one worn by the players. There is also news that Ryan Li has appreciated the chance to work with Manchester City. He has said that they will target the growth of Manchester clubs in Southeast Asia.

False Claims On 8xbet Founder

Some of the unknown identities claim to be the founder of 8xbet. A LinkedIn account was found recently claiming herself to be the founder of 8xbet. The profile mentions the name of Trinh Thu Trang who was mentioned as the founder of 8xbet. The profile photo was said to belong to a model. It was a stock image taken from another site. A girl’s photo was used in other websites as well. She was also found on a porn site as a cam model. The questions and doubts on 8xbet firm started rising. The club has shared the email of QOO Global. It is said to be a digital marketing company handling the accounts of 8xbet.

The company is run by Jet Zhu. He cleared that Trinh Thu Trang’s account was not formed by 8xbet. The company was mystical in itself. 30+ employees were claiming to be working in the firm. No one was working in the firm for real. They all were doing some of their stuff. Manchester City is one of the most famous Football clubs. 8xbet is yet a mystery. No one has found exact details about its founder yet. Everyone is mentioning Ryan Li as the official CEO on the current basis. Stay tuned for more information.

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